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Formal Dining in Glendale

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We need a place to go in glendale after the Annie Awards on sunday. we'll be dressed black tie. is there anywhere near or around there you can recommend for 4 people around 8pm.

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  1. Glendale is nil for formal dinning. I suggest you take a short drive to the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena. You won't be sorry.

    1. Ditto - nothing fancy in Glendale. I've heard from several people that the food at the Ritz Pasadena is good. Beautiful/formal setting.

      1. Well, if it doesn't have to be super-formal, I think you would do just fine at Far Niente or Fresco (frescoristorante.com)
        or a bit further, Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock or Blair's in Silver Lake.
        I don't think any of them would mind if you classed up the place a little in your black tie.

        1. IMHO, unless you go to black tie events a lot, I'd go w/ a more upscale rest. to make the night more special - I've eaten at all restaurants mentioned in above post - I live in the neighborhood and while I like the food at all of them, none of them say special night to me- just local nabe joints w/ good food. If that's ok, any one of them would be fine.

          1. glendale....kebabs only....I don't know if the food at the HIlton is any good; you could try there. Pasadena is your best close bet

            1. i agree with all above. there is nothing in glendale. i live just up the street from cafe beaujolais, so yeah, too "neighborhoodie" and close to home for me. i think the ritz is the best bet. thanks for the input!

              1. If you know anyone on the inside in Glendale you cen get the number and address for The Grand. If not, try JJ steakhouse in Pasadena

                1. Taylor's in La Canada..
                  you could dress up for Bistro Verdu in Glendale!

                  1. The closest I can think of is Gennaro's in Glendale -- I never knew about until someone took me there for a celebration lunch. It's a semi-formal Italian place.