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Le Chevrot

ok, ive chimed in on many threads regarding cheese here on chow...but for the last couple of weeks i have been going fullbore with goats' cheeses. specifically, LE CHEVROT. who out there knows and loves this cheese? i mean, this, to me, has got to be one of the best cheeses on this earth. i am only bummed out again and again knowing that the frenchies can get an even better version (one made from unpasteurized milk as opposed to our US import one that has to be made with pasteurized milk since it is a fresh cheese...).
but, i just had to write this and see how many other chevrot-lovers there are out there.

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  1. I had the great pleasure of trying chevrot for the first time a few months ago and I love it. Really delicious and great depth of flavor.

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      and in case youre perplexed, you can find chevrot pretty easily around NYC. any cheese shop should of course have it, but ive found it even on places like CHOP SHOP on Smith. not exactly an artisanal store, yknow? good stuff. you find any other really-that-good goat's cheeses lemme know.

      also, holla at the goose island oatmeal stout! i love it too

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        hey ben61820 - in addition to the cheese shop in my neighborhood in queens, I've also had the chevrot from Fresh Direct and no joke it's great.

        goose island is the greatest - made me a big oatmeal stout fan in short order after drinking wheat beers nearly exclusively for a looong time. but that's for another post...

    2. Le Chevrot is fantastic. For variety, check out Les Fermier's Lingot and Langa's Tur.

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        Ive had the TUR - lovely stuff. a bit more...pungent than the chevrot i think. but great nonetheless.

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          Um, again, a factual issue.

          La Tur is not a goat cheese. It is a blend of cow, sheep and goat. Another cheese from the same maker, Rochetta. A cow, sheep goat blend, but more of a patty shape that a short cylinder, therefore more surface area/volume ratio, and ripens faster. (From Italy's Piemonte region).

        2. Try ashed Le Chevrot if you can find it. As tangy and goaty as the non-ashed version, but with a slightly smokey and more complex finish. Other French goats worth trying are Les Garriottes Garriotin, Le Lingot or Valencay.

          But you have to leave France to find the best of the best, which IMO is Monte Enebro from Spain.

          And my new favorite goat is (surprise!) domestic. Red Cloud from Haystack Mtn Dairy in Ft Collins, Co is a raw milk, washed rind goat and it is simply amazing. Check out your local cheese monger and if they dont currently carry it, suggest it. They will thank you.

          1. (Haystack is in Boulder, CO...)

            Le Chevrot is certainly a lovely cheese, as pitterpatter said, the Lingot du Quercy is also a good goat, and tends to be a bit riper than the Chevrot, but has a similar rind. There are also mini Chevrots, but they dry quicker. A storage tip for the Chevrots- get one of those plastic containers for olives, set the cheese on the lid, then put the container on the lid (it's upside down), and it has a little microclimate to retain moisture without getting wrap-slimed.

            1. wow, this is rad! im writing down each and every recommendation and hitting whole foods, murray's and my locals for all of them. lovely, cant wait. thanks everyone.
              oh, just had the much louded humboldt fog, too. good stuff. not at all like chevrot and its kin in creamy gooiness or anything but a wonderful cheese for cream cheese-like applications. really tasty.

              1. so, yesterday i got ahold of the Monte Enebro. good stuff, if not completely and totally what i was looking for. unfortunately, the Haystack RED CLOUD was not in the house...they did say that they carry it, tho. highly recommended from the monger.

                im also looking for SHEEP'S milk taleggio. anyone ever tried it? i cant seem to locate any.

                ALSO, yesterday i got ahold of a pint of RAW cottage cheese. full fat, not skimmed at all. wow, what a treat. i ate the whole pint right there. like a dessert almost, it was so rich. go for it.

                1. 1) Red Cloud is seasonal. Look for it in late spring/early summer. Spring milk is used, and it must age 60 days because it is a raw milk cheese. It is also made in fairly limited quantities.

                  2) Never heard of a sheep's milk Taleggio. As Tallegio is a DOP cheese, it must legally be made with cow's milk. There may be other washed rind cheeses that you are thinking of, but they couldn't be a real Taleggio.

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                    yeah, i searched yesterday at two good places and no luck with the red cloud. ill keep trying, tho. i did manage to find Haystack's sunlight or sunshine cheese, tho. didnt care for it too much actually, altho i cant remember what i didnt like about it...hehe.

                    hmm, yeah, i had figured that with all the DOP stuff, sheep's taleggio wouldnt be legit but im guessing that somewhere in italy some guys are making it. just doesnt make it here. im just looking for alternatives to cow's milk in general withthis search. that being said, i did get a nice chunk of raw cow's taleggio yesterday. funny tho, im not in love with the stuff as much as i used to be. still like it and all, but with all the goat's stuff ive been devouring of late, i might have lost the taste for the real richness of a full cow's cheese.

                  2. I LOVE the mini Chevrots! Now a resident of Pittsburgh, I saw them in Giant Eagle's Market District the other day (oh, for small wonders) and bought four, knowing I had to eat them fast to be in the young stage. (Thanks for the tip on how to store them, Cheesemonger.) I love the gooey outside with a rind that isn't overpowering and the wonderful soft centers. I first discovered them in my school days in NYC at Fairway.

                    I was just bemoaning the fact that they will be in the store only for a short while, so took to the internet to find out why they don't make them all year round, only to read here that they are made from spring milk. Ah well, must wait until next year again. I love cheese, so I eat many varieties, but the little Chevrots are my favorite.