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Feb 5, 2007 08:55 PM

Fortune Cookies

Having been enlightened to the intricacies of the churro by a previous post, I started to wonder about other things that I quickly perceive to be generic. Perhaps the massed produced product I encounter of one food or another is only a a wisp of the real thing, and I should make that extra effort to find the truer form.

So with that mission in mind I ask, is there any place that takes the fortune cookie to a place that surpasses the plastic wrapper accompanying the chinese food bill?

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  1. I would recommend trying P.F. Changs. Their food is great. Can't remember if they have a wrapper around the fortune cookie though. My family also likes The Phoenix (it's in Downtown La Verne, CA) they have the best fortune cookies. They dip half of the cookie in white chocolate and then wrap it up in colored foiled. Their food is pretty good as well. Plus, it's not as hard on your wallet. With that said, it's not quite up to P.F. Changs standards. But, if your in the neighborhood it's a good stop.

    1. I'm curious if they get them from the same mass produced factory that everyone else does. Is there a place that just makes fortune cookies in house? or is that absurd?

      1. good question. i'm not sure. as for the Phoenix, i know they they dip the cookie into white chocolate themselves. but, i highly doubt that they make their own fortune cookies. it's probably mass produced. what bothers me is the fortune itself. it's always cheesy.

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          Yea, fortune cookies do come off as cheesy. It's sorta like a no frills cookie. When I was in San Francisco a month or two ago I was at a place that made them in-house. I don't know if it was because I knew where they were coming from, or because I was standing in china town, but it was a very good fortune cookie.

        2. the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has enormous fortune cookies the size of a human head, in various incarnations - dark/white/milk chocolate covered, with peanuts/ toffee/ etc. a friend got me one as a gift and stuck in a personalized fortune (also enormous). the cookie was hard to eat by virtue of its size and thickness, but I guess that's to be expected.