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Feb 5, 2007 08:14 PM

Has anyone beed to new TOKYO place on La Cienega

Which replaced L'Orangerie-- has anyone been there yet?

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  1. If you mean Tokyo Table, I don't think that's in the same space as L'Orangerie.
    Tokyo Table was pretty unremarkable. We ordered three dishes, the kara-age fried chicken (not bad, not great), a beef tataki sushi (too sweet), and pork gyoza (actually good, but not juicy enough). There was one thing that I haven't seen in America before: a dessert called "honey toast" which is basically hollowed out thick toast filled with bananas, honey & ice cream. They have several variations.

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      just went for a quick late dinner yesterday, and it was surprisingly good. ordered spinach salad (yummy crispy bacon, couple of slices of hardboiled eggs and light ponzu dressing), garlic tuna on hot plate, albacore carpaccio were all quite good. saw someone eating the crispy flounder which looked tasty. the two dishes that were not so good were the seafood dynamite (too sweet and mayonaissy) and the spider roll (inexplicably had egg salad in it). they're also open until 1am.

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        My friend tried agedashi dofu and said it was pretty good - plus for the area the price was good- I have to go to find out I guess

      2. There's a thread on Tokyo Table on this board... search for "Tokyo Table" and you should find it. I only went there once for the honey toast but would like to try their food sometime. Must. Have. More. Honey. Toast.

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          In Tokyo - like in subway stations coffee houses like UCC Coffee house, I think honey toast is a staple and I have had it before too-- it is an afternoon snack :)

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            thanks for the referal on other thread :)

          2. It's been getting mixed reviews--from very positive to very negative, and many in-between. See:



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              Some good stuff, some bad. Nice room/bar.

              1. I may be incorrect, but it is in the old Tony Roma location. I believe they have a website.

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                  you are correct on the location. =)