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Feb 5, 2007 07:57 PM

What to do with a can of Grass Jelly?

I want to make something refreshing and tasty with it. I've had it in some Hong Kong tupe dessert places where they put grass jelly, some kind of sweetner and ice cream. Any one know how to do that? Or anything else that goes good with grass jelly?

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  1. Keep it simple.. Can't go wrong with any of these, simple syrup (equal sugar to water or to taste), red bean ice cream, fresh whipped cream or condensed milk.

    1. I sometimes put ginger in the simple syrup.

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      1. re: sweetie

        I put in lemon juice or lime juice to cut the sweetness

      2. I always had it like this when I was a kid:

        1) Chop the grass jelly into cubes of similar size
        2) Mix one cup sugar with 3 cups water in a pitcher. (It should be sweet but not overwhelmingly so).
        3) Put in 1/2 teaspoon of banana extract (optional)
        4) Put the cubed jelly into the pitcher and chill.

        Drink cold. I love the black-green color of this.

        1. Only used the cans a couple times, but usually just added cubes into a simple sugar water... and some ice cubes to keep it cold!
          Grass jelly is also great w/aiyu jelly... you wouldn't happen to have a can of that around, do you? Same kind of deal, cut up into small cubes in sugar water... yum.

          If you have some lightly sweetend cold green tea, you could make a drink out of it. Add small cubes of grass jelly to the tea, get one of those large straws (used for boba/bubble/pearl milk tea) and enjoy!

          1. I've never heard of grass jelly...Is it really grass?

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              It's one of those mysterious canned foods that we find from time to time in Chinatown. Label translation is probably poor. It's bland and sweet and best served cold.