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Anyone Know What Happened to the Greenbrae Chevy's?

I reserve Chevy's for desperation time with 2-year olds: we drove by the Greenbrae location tonight and it was just . . . gone. Anyone?

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  1. Wish the so-called Marin paper the IJ and its so-called dining-reviewer-reporter would keep on top of such events. Noticed that North Bay Seafood in Novato was closed as well -- not a word on when and why.

    1. The Greenbrae Chevys was one of the first Chevys in the country (possibly the second). The others are: Alameda (closed), Pleasant Hill, and El Cerrito (closed).

      1. If this is true, good riddance. Back in the day, Chevy's was awesome, especially this location. People flocked here for the addicting chips and salsa, sizzling fajitas, mouth watering flautas, and indulgent combo plates. There was even a quail dish on the menu. Over the years, Chevy's has predictably reverted to the lowest common denominator. Now it's about gobs and gobs cheese, excessive dollops of sour cream, boring salsa, piles of shredded lettuce, and a lame-ass excuse for corn bread.

        Again, good riddance.

        1. Well Chevys as owned founded by a local family when the first Alameda location opened. They did well, grew to a number of locations and then were bought by some huge corp (Pepsi?). Huge corp then sold it to a private equity firm based in Emeryville. So with all the changesin ownership, not surprising the quality has changed for the worse and has now become chain level food.

          1. Not to mention a Chapter 11 along the way.

            1. Any predictions on who will take this large space over? Preferences?

              1. My wife works in the center and she heard that their rent was jacked way up by the mangement co. thinking they would pay the increased rent.

                Guess they were wrong because they just shut the doors in the middle of the month.

                She has heard that Outback will be moving into the space.

                1. Wow, that was quick.......maybe Bon Air had that in mind all along...hense the rent increase to chase them out!

                  Now PF Changs is moving into the Good Guys spot in Town Center. I do like PF's but feeling a bit "chained out"!

                  1. Thanks for the updates. I guess it's too much to ask for a non-chain in a central marin shopping center :(

                    1. Here is what is going in to the Old Chevy's location at Bon Air
                      New surf, old turf: Wipeout set for Bon Air
                      Staff Report
                      Article Launched: 05/07/2007 08:06:32 AM PDT
                      Warren "Scooter" Simmons, co-founder of Chevys Fresh Mex restaurants, is catching a wave back to Greenbrae.
                      Simmons and his wife Nancy are planning to open a new restaurant - Wipeout Bar & Grill - at the former site of the Chevy's at Bon Air Center. The restaurant, which will have a California surfing theme, is expected to open this summer.
                      Bon Air Center was the site of the second restaurant to open in the Chevys chain, which Simmons and his father Warren Sr. founded in 1986. The first was in Alameda, and the chain later grew to more than 100 restaurants.
                      The Simmonses sold the company in 1993.
                      "Having grown up in Marin, we have such an emotional attachment to this location," said Scooter Simmons, 50.
                      It will be the second Wipeout location; the first opened in San Francisco in 2005.