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Feb 5, 2007 07:35 PM

Last Post vs. Date Started

My preference, which I believe I used to be able to have under the old format, does not seem to work anymore. I would like to have the topics on the individual boards organized by the date started, with the most recent at the top. But on the right side, I would like the most recent post for each entry listed. Now, if I click "Date Started" I get the posts listed in the order I prefer, the most recent at the top. But to the right, I just get the name of the original poster and the original posting date rather than the most recent reply. If I click on "Last Post" instead, then all of the entries are rearranged rather than just the listing to the right.

Am I missing something? The little "new" icon to the left of the entries helps me see if there is a recent post since I last reviewed a topic, but it isn't as useful as the old way that I preferred.


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  1. I seem to have lost the way to organizing posts by date completely! Where is the "Date Started" option you speak of? This is frustrating...


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    1. re: eringraves

      You can see the links that resort the board indexes in the photo I've attached below.

      -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

      1. re: Jacquilynne

        I think I used to be able to then do a search for "Cleveland" within the midwest board and that would be sorted by date as well.... but now when I do that, the posts are out of order and I don't see a sorting option. (I've attached a photo)

        1. re: eringraves

          Ah, you're correct - search results don't currently offer a sorting option. There's a thread here where Engineering is discussing changes to search:

          More sort options are definitely on that list.

    2. Nosh, you're not missing anything - the side column changes from information about the most recent post to information about the first post depending on how you sort the page.