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8 ppl, Italian, Westside

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I need recommendations for an Italian place (or Californian/American that has pasta options), West of La Cienega. Must be able to take group reservations and is in the same price range as Ugo, C & Os, or CPK. (all entrees & pastas are under $20).

I personally dislike the food at C& 0s, and shudder at the chain that is CPK, but may be our only options considering the price.

Thank you for your help! I'm aware this might be an impossible request.

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      I like the food at Pizzicotto, but the restaurant is very cramped. I think the only option for a group there might be to take the entire upstairs area which might still be a squeeze. On Ocean Ave, there's also I Cugini or the chain Il Fornaio which I actually prefer more to it.

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        One more - Trastevere on the Third Street Promenade is right in that price range and quite good.

    2. Il Buco is nice - Robertson and Wilshire

      1. Il Forno on Ocean Park, theres a cafe side and a more sophisticated restaurant side, but the menu is the same. Everything is good and it's pretty inexpensive. I also really like La Vecchia on Main St. in SM. More of a fun "happening" restaurant. Haven't been in a while since I never think to make a reservation and can't seem to get in without one anymore. Check the prices, it used to be pretty reasonable.

        1. Definately NOT the Impossibe Quest!
          Pastina - Most expensive is Veal (2) @ $19.95
          2260 Westwood Blvd., WLA
          (310) 441-4655

          Il Forno - Most Expensive is Filet Mignon (2) @ $19.95 (*)
          2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
          (310) 449-9244

          Mio Babbo's - Most Expensive is Veal (3) @ $16.95
          1076 Gayley Ave., Westwood Village
          (310) 208-5117

          Comments - Entrees come with soup, caesar salad, or house salad (which the others don't). They have a round table to the left of the front door that does seat at least 6 (maybe 8?). Anyways, I'll make a guess that they'll be able to push 2 or 3 center tables together to accomodate you.

          Pomodoro - Most Expensive is Veal (3) @ $15.95
          1393 Westwood Blvd., Westwood
          (310) 445-9998

          Comments - Very Small restaurant. You'd have to call and confirm they can and will put 8 together???

          (*) I just checked their web-menu and they've added a Veal Shank @ $24.95, so ban this from being ordered.

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            We like Il Forno and go there with some frequency. That's why I know that their dinner specials run in to the high $20's and even into the $30 range. So if go, and one of the specials sounds good, ask the price - since they don't give you that with the "sales job" that comes with the description of the dish.

          2. So I made reservations at Pastina. I've lived on the westside for over 5 yrs, and for some reason have glossed over this place for forever. Well, I'll report back and tell y'all how it went. Thanks for the awesome tips! I def. have a new list of Italian restaurants to try!

            1. Pastina ended up falling through (decided to host the dinner at our apt instead). However, ended up trying Pizzicotto the other night.
              Space: The place is crammed but it can fit large parties (there was a party of 7 when we were there) however it feels like you are constantly in the way of the waiters. (I sat downstairs)
              Service: We didn't have reservations but were seated w/in 20 minutes. The service was very friendly when there...but was very spotty. Had to flag the waiter down for water refill, desert menu, to pick up the check etc. Didn't check up on us once the food was placed before us.
              Food: Had a nice glass of chardonnay. It may have just been an off night for me, but the food itself was nothing remarkable. We shared a portobello mushroom appetizer that was stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and crab meet. The flavors were nothing special. I had a stuffed lobster ravioli that was also so so (solid lump of filing w/ a creamy tomato sauce).
              Desert was panna cotta.
              In the end, the food was decent but in no way memorable. The check (before tip) was a little under $70 for two.