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Feb 5, 2007 07:08 PM

Triangle BBQ

As much as I used to love Allen & Sons, I believe it to have slipped recently. The atmosphere at the pittsboro location (and to some extent the CH location) is still great, but I have to hand it to Barbecue Joint on weaver dairy rd for the best pulled pork in chapel hill. Also, can someone tell me what the big deal is about Bullock's? I thought their barbecue was too finely chopped and their sides sucked.

So what's your favorite triangle barbecue spot? I'd love to know about some great places I havent been to before. I live in georgia now but will be coming home soon and would love to show my girlfriend the best nc bbq i can. THANKS!

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  1. It truly pains me to see the way Bullock's is regularly dissed on this board....I've been going for 33 years (some of the waitresses have been there that long!), taken over two hundred people (literally) and have yet to have anyone be remotely disappointed. In fact, most out of town guests require a return visit when they come back to the Triangle. I agree their chopped BBQ is fairly lame and the sides aren't that great (though some love the fried okra) but I LOVE their sliced BBQ and must have a regular fix. If you haven't had the sliced BBQ at Bullock's, you really haven't been.....

    1. so I should go to bullocks just because the sliced bbq is good? (sliced and bbq in the same sentence, to me, conjures grotesque images)

      there has to be somewhere better than bullocks. aside from the sides/chopped sucking really hard, it's in a shitty neighborhood and the atmosphere is AWFUL to boot!

      Is bullocks really your favorite? Im looking for the best. I'll go far, but not as far as kinston or greensboro (from chapel hill)

      plus, your out-of-town guests were probably not impressed with bullocks, but with east nc BBQ in general! this shit is like GOLD, man! outsiders could eat the worst nc bbq and still want more, because let's face it, it is amazing. But I need the cream of the crop. I like bullocks, but theres got to be better out there

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        For me, Bullocks is best with a big group of family or friends. Order family style around the table, and pig out on endless quantities of fried chicken, pulled pork, ribs, brunswick stew, hush puppies, coleslaw, green beans, french fries, and sweet tea.

        Sure there's better pulled pork in the triangle. Sure there's better fried chicken. But for the price and the the quantity, it really can't be beat. Plus I enjoy the old country family feel of the place.

      2. A& M Grill in Mebane has good BBQ, do not order anything else but the BBQ.

        1. When Allen & Sons is on top of its game, I think it is generally the best but I've had some less than stellar experiences there and so have to question consistency sometimes. I tend to agree about Bullocks from a bbq standpoint. The stuff is good--probably better than most--but tend to view dining there as observation / paying homage to a great institution more than getting the best bbq. My personal favorite without heading to Goldsboro is Stephenson's in McGee's Crossroads. I love the bbq and the atmosphere.

          1. thanks, I've never tried stephenson's. And I agree with you about Bullocks. I feel like the place is all history.

            Also Allen & Son's has awesome french fries. weird I know but true