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Feb 5, 2007 06:36 PM

Downtown St. Paul - fancy-ish

My uncle is coming to town in a couple weeks for business and is looking for a nice restaurant in downtown St. Paul for a client meeting. Since I get to come along, I have a vested interest in picking a good spot.

My first thought was Au Rebours. I have not been there, however, in about 4 years so I am not sure if it is still good. Has anyone dined there recently?

He had heard about Pazzaluna, which I am not a big fan of. The other places that came to mind were St. Paul Grill, Kincaid's, and Sakura (which I love, but probably is not the right atmosphere for the meeting).

Since our baby was born 16 months ago we have not made it over to St. Paul as much (especially downtown), except for my occasional trips to Wild games when I am not fine dining. What would you guys recommend? I think he wants to stay within walking distance of the St. Paul Hotel.

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  1. We went to Kincaid's the other night for dinner and it was mediocre. The appetizer sampler was pretty much TGI Friday's quality. For an entree I got the filet mignon which was good but the scalloped potatoes and fried onions completely overwhelmed the plate and just made me feel greasy and heavy. The bill came to about $75 per person which seemed high considering we all had 1-2 drinks, shared appetizer and no dessert.

    So, now that I've talked you out of that one, I have no good suggestions. We just don't make it to downtown St Paul that ofen.

    1. Unfortunately, downtown St. Paul is slim in pickings.
      I think St. Paul Grill is your best option. I actually like St. Paul Grill because I've always had great service and the food is good.
      Pazzaluna is just okay (rather casual) and Fhima's is overrated and Kincaid's is just as katebauer described above. St. Paul Grill. Good luck.

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        I've been to A Rebours several times in the past year. The food has been quite good, the service great, but overpriced in my view. We last went to Kincaid's about a year ago and won't go back. We went to Pazzaluna once and found it deplorable. Fhima's, while not the greatest restaurant in town, is an occasion in itself if you haven't seen the inside. I wouldn't nix it.

        But overall, I think A Rebours is your best bet.

      2. St Paul Grill - would be the first choice

        Pazz - just ok, never had a bad meal there - but they must not have been great since we never go back unless someone else picks it!

        Kincaids - sorry to hear a downward trend - I usually just grab something & a drink at the bar. Its been pretty reliable.

        Fhimas - just say no.

        That's about it.

        There are a few other places which I would recommend but I don't know if you want to catch a cab or leave downtown.

        Plus these are a little less on the expense account scale.....

        Lexington on grand (at lexington)
        La Grolla (selby)
        Heartland (st clair)
        downtowner wood fire grill (west 7th)

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        1. re: St Paul Susie

          I would second the Downtowner, I wanted to suggest it but couldn't remember the name.

        2. I would say a rebours or saint paul grill. They're so different though I think I might ask them after giving a little description of each..

          1. Another thought that I had was Margaux. I had a pretty good meal there about a year ago and went back for appetizers and drinks more recently. It would be a fairly long walk - especially at this time of the year -- but it's definitely in walking distance.

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            1. re: bob s

              I love Margaux. They have the best beer list in Downtown St. Paul, the duck I had the other night was excellent, and the starters are all great. It is also great for anyone who wants to impress on a limited budget. They have fairly priced sandwiches all day long.