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Feb 5, 2007 06:06 PM

No more potato pancakes at IHOP!

OK, so I'm probably not their target customer because I haven't been to IHOP in about 3 or 4 years but...

I could rely on them for a potato pancake fix when I needed it. So last weekend hubby & I stop by and I don't see the international selections portion of the menu. I mention this to him and he says "they have to be there somewhere you just don't see them". I ask the waitress if they still have them and she says "no". I ask her when they were discontinued and she said "I don't know".

I'm bummed. Is nothing sacred? When did this happen and why wasn't I consulted?

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  1. Gosh, this must be really recent then. I was there about a month ago, and they still had potato pancakes on the menu...

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      I can't believe I missed scatching my potato pancake inch by a month. I must have bad karma.

    2. It's just so odd, since they recently changed their menus (I think back in December), and I know they had potato pancakes after December. (I know this not because I go to IHOP a lot, but because fiance's brother works there.) So it doesn't seem like they would change their menus again so quickly... maybe it really was hidden somewhere on the menu and the waitress didn't know what she was talking about?

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        I did a Chowhound search under potato pancake + IHOP and this is what I came up with:

        I fear all is lost.

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          Oh no say it ain't so - no potato pancakes at Ihop - Forget the ones at Perkins - they can't compare!

      2. I was at a NY IHOP 3 weeks ago and they still had the potato pancakes. I remember because my cousin almost ordered them. I should be going again soon, I'll report back. :)

        1. Maybe it's a regional issue? Even though IHOP is a national chain, I wouldn't be surprised if they marketed certain products only in certain areas. Could be they customized their menus to fit different areas where certain products might be more popular than others. Doesn't the Chain Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken (McDonald's) do this?

          1. All is restored lol---I really hope you are still checking this post for replies. I, Like you, haven't been to IHOP in 3+ yrs, but mine closed (?idkw) and I absolutely LOVE IHOP Potato Pancakes. I've been craving them. In my search for the IHOP recipe, your post appeared in results...OK so I found a great site that has: CopyCat Recipes ***Potato Pancakes (like IHOP's): Robbie's Recipes Here's *THE LINK: I'll also add a screen shot of recipe. I tried it today and yep you may want to tweek it, nothing major - Example: / use food processor for thinner shreds of potato, or buy bag of frozen hash browns / pour mix into cookie cutter, in frying pan, to help w/thickness (shape) but yes, it is what we want! :)