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A great restaurant to meet a friend halfway between West Los Angeles/Los Angeles and Newport Beach?

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Help! I have been having the hardest time thinking of a place to meet friends somewhat halfway beween West Los Angeles and Newport Beach! We are absolutely foodies!!

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    Walt's Wharf, Seal Beach.
    Christy's in Belmont Heights (Long Beach).
    Frenchy's Bistro, Long Beach.
    Benley Vietnamese Kitchen, East Long Beach (border of Los Alamitos).

    I'd lean for the first simply because I love the old Main Street of Seal Beach and for "outsiders" it has the nicest overall ambience. The Long Beach options are simply "good eats" places, although Christy's and Frenchy's are high-end and have the prices (and wine lists) to prove it. None of these places is chi-chi enough to knock the socks off real foodies, but all are certainly Chow-worthy.

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      I'll second Main Street in Seal Beach. If you're looking for more casual, I'd suggest Cafe Lafayette or Beachwood BBQ.

    2. I'd also recommend Walt's Wharf.

      1. Walt's Wharf is great (if you go, get the grilled artichoke!).
        I second Christy's.
        You also may check into Lashers in Belmont Heights and L'Opera or Madisons on Pine in LB.

        1. We had the same problem and ended up at Biggs in Long Beach. Pretty good for a tweener restaurant.

          1. Dal Rae (pico riveria) (5 fwy & 605)

            1. Southbay is not halfway in terms of distance, but is roughly halfway in terms of commute time, given how much more traffic there is leaving West L.A. as compared to Newport (I should know--from Hermosa Beach, I commute to UCLA and my husband commutes to Irvine, and my 20 mile commute is only slightly shorter than his 40-mile commute). My favorite restaurants in this area are Avenue in Manhattan Beach and Christine in Torrance. Both aren't too far from the 405. Although my equal time calculations are more applicable on a weekday--the Newport people would be driving longer on a weekend.