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Feb 5, 2007 05:23 PM

One night in Barcelona- top pick?

My husband and I will be in Barcelona for one night for our wedding anniversary.
Will love recommendations on a restarant that serves the best Barcelona has to offer.
Doesn't have to be frou frou, don't mind paying up but the food has to be good.

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  1. Try any of the restaurants in the Tragaluz group, ( all have consistently good food and good service which cab be rare in Barcelona. Cal Pep has great seafood but maybe not so romantic as always crowded ( the Noti Universal is modern aand hip with great food(, or for old style upmarket atmosphere and in a gaudi building the casa calvet on calle casp or for tiny foodie loverslocal try Dolso on calle valencia.

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      1. Although I agree with Shug it is not romantic, but I would go to Cal Pep and save the romance for another night. We were there is July with another couple and I would put the meal that we had there on my top ten of memorable meals of my life. The sea food practically jumps into the fryer in front of your eyes....Cal himself is a blast and the whole experience is fantastic.

        1. We went to Barcelona in November and loved Cal Pep but it is bustling and we had counter service (there are a few tables in the back). For romantic, I'd recommend a place on the outskirts of Barcelona, a restaurant called Hispania. We found it thanks to another post a few months back. The food is gorgeous, and the restaurant is in a little town called Arenys de Mar. We took the train there so we went for lunch (we weren't sure how late the trains run in the evening). So it was a lovely meal and we got to sit by the beach before we caught the train back.

          We also ate at Esapi Sucre, which bills itself as a dessert restaurant. The atmosphere is romantic, and it's fun to challenge one's expectations of what dessert should be. But, we weren't entirely convinced that we wanted to be eating five courses of savory cakes and mousses. We also really enjoyed Pinoxto, a tapas place which is right in the market off the Ramblas. The chef is an institution. The food isn't as good as Cal Pep's but it was fun.

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            Definitely don't do Cal Pep in a back table - half the fun is sitting at the counter with Pep barking orders.

          2. I am not sure if these are "frou frou" for you, but they are very good restaurants. If you want quiet, intimate, wonderful service and awesome food, I would say any of these:


            Cinc Sentits -again, just awesome. Smaller than ABAC, but wonderful!

            Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa-smaller, not much to look at, but divine!