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Feb 5, 2007 05:15 PM

Miami cafes, esp with music for evening


Can anybody recommend any fun, casual cafes for dessert, coffee, or good food, where we can hang out and listen to some nice jazz or latino music? Something unique to Miami?
Either in South Beach, Ocean Drive, or Little Havana and around.



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  1. Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road I believe usually has live jazz upstairs on weekends. It may be a little more organized than you have in mind, but Arturo Sandoval's Jazz Club around 65th & Collins has great serious jazz just about every night of the weekend and a latino-influenced food menu (haven't eaten there but have seen some great performances). I believe Yuca (also on Lincoln Road) has salsa night.

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      I second Van Dyke Cafe -- it's pretty casual and lounge-y, more intimate upstairs. Dark, good place for a date, good jazz. I think there's room for dancing upstairs, food's good. Plus you can walk along Lincoln Mall after or before and get your fill of "scene."

    2. Are these casual places? Or sit-down? Or dancing? I prefer a lounge type of experience if possible.

      Loads of thanks!

      1. Van Dyke is casual and the upstairs is "lounge-y" as described above. Arturo Sandoval's has tables and barstools/high tables - I think of it more as a jazz club that serves food. Don't know what the deal is at Yuca - downstairs is a sit-down restaurant, but I'm not sure what the upstairs arrangement is.