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Feb 5, 2007 04:45 PM

montauk/ammagansett deli's??

Any especially good deli's on the way (or back) from the point? I was told to wait and on the way back eat at La Fondita is it any good?thanks

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  1. Although I used it like one when I was working in Montauk for a couple of weeks (fifteen or so years ago), Four Oaks General Store & Bakery was more than a deli. I remember everything being very good. It's on Flamingo Drive (not East Flamingo) just west of West Lake Drive, south end of the loop that takes you by Gosman's and Salivars's etc.

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      Four Oaks is very Hispanic oriented now, not a regular deli per se, more a grocery, everyone in the area up there uses Gaviola (across from Viking Ferry). Also the Ronnie's Deli in town by Wok and Roll, that would be more convenient than going up by the docks.
      In amagansett everyone goes to Brents, across fromt the VFW Hall, I've never eaten food there but it's extremely busy day and night. Looks a little dumpy inside, just usual deli fare.There is a Hispanic takeout place in the little shopping center just west of them them, Brasseria something, if you were looking more for that kind of food.
      La Fondita might not even be open right now, they're OK but there are plenty of good Mexican delis you could try. My favorite is Mickey Bs in Bridgehampton, made from scratch food, their chicken, ribs and mac and cheese are the best, and they make their own tamales. Also the former cook from there opened his own place in Hampton Bays, Melrose Deli next to the movie theatre, rotisserie chicken and all kinds of fresh made meals. Both do mega breakfasts too.

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        is mickey b's open at this time of year?

        1. re: wleatherette

          Yes they're open all year. Used to close around now for a couple of weeks, but not anymore. Was just there this weekend!

    2. Not sure about this time of year but in the summer we buy our sandwiches on a daily basis at the Amagansett Farmer's Market. They make a great sandwich with all kinds of goodies on them.

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        They're not only closed now, I think they may have sold their nine or so acres to a housing developer. That was the rumor earlier this year. Although I think the town was trying to buy the stand itself under the Farmland preservation act. Stay tuned.

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          Please say it ain't so joe. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach with mrs jfood sharing a sandwich from the farmers market except sitting in the gardens of the farmers market having breakfats with friends and dogs.

          please keep us posted. thx

      2. We LOVE la fondita. I think it is definitely worth waiting for and isn't that long a trip!