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Miracle Fruit -- anyone tried?

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Just read about this miracle fruit or miraculous berry (Sideroxylon dulcificum/Synsepalum dulcificum Daniell), native to West Africa, that apparently changes taste buds so that sour/bitter foods (lemons, limes, etc.) taste simply amazing.

If anyone knows about US sources that might sell this let me know!


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  1. Yes, I was just about to blog about this fruit.

    Miracle fruit is supposed to alter one's sense of taste for a short while, masking bitter and sour, making them taste like candy.

    1. I tasted it once. Absolutely amazing. We had some miracle fruit and then bit into lemon wedges--and they tasted like sugar.

      1. I tried it on my 40th birthday. I was instantly 20 again. I'll never do it again.

        1. where did you gusy try it? anyone know where to buy some miracle fruit? particularly in NYC

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            yes an NYC source would be great -- a post i read online had a picture of a jar with japanese writing on it. apparently miracle fruit is quite popular there as a diet food (will definitely look for it when i go in april). Maybe I should ask with local japanese groceries?

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              Sorry, I had it in Australia--at the Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm.

              There's more info on their website: www.capetrib.com.au/miracle.htm

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                Miracle Fruit is illegal in The States. I think I read something about the sugar industry lobbying extremely hard to suppress it because in Asia they use it for dieting (getting that sugar taste without ingesting sugar). You can find some importers and I've seen them for sale on eBay.

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                  Google "buy miracle fruit" and you'll get a lot of hits. Not illegal. But it does seem easier to buy a plant/tree and grow your own or buy miracle fruit tablets than it does to buy the actual berries. But I did find a place that sold the actual berries on the web a few months ago. They were expensive, but supposedly it only takes one.

              2. I haven't seen anything about it being illegal in the States... it's not approved by the FDA as a food additive, so your not going to find it as an alternative sweetener, but you can certainly lay hands on the berries.

                Here's the first source I could find, with a quick Google search:


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                  there's an article in the NYTIMES on this today. might answer a lot of your questions:


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                    If you are really desperate and have a big house with big windows (or live somewhere warm) there are plenty of nurseries and and exotic seed sellers who sell miracle fruit seed and/ or plants and I understand they aren't all that difficult to grow (no I dont know how long it takes from seed to fuit or how big the plants get)
                    On a side note Has anyone here ever had or even heard of a fruit called a Keppel? As I undersand it is a relative of the Cherimoya native to Indonesia, and when consumed is supposed to make you sweat smell like violets. I was just wondering if anyone here had ever had it or better yet knows where to get it!

                2. According to several web sites, it grows well in containers with acid soil when put in a sunny window with temperatures above 60 degrees F. It takes several years to grow to a 2-3 foot size where it will set fruit. Most say it will not get bigger than 4 feet in containers.

                    1. Yes, I read the article in the NYT and as a T1 diabetic, I'm curious as to what effect, if any, this fruit has on blood sugar. Surely, the fruit itself contains some carbs but I wonder what happens... hmmmm.


                      1. I want to try this!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of it before, wow.
                        Anyone know if it's sold in Canada, and where?

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                          BamiaWruz, I live in Toronto and ordered a package of Miracle Fruit (or Miracle Berry) tablets from the folks at http://www.miraclefruitworld.com - they shipped out pretty quickly and the price was right. but, oh boy - it was a lot of fun - my favourite food to eat after having the miracle fruit was lemons - it tasted just like candy.

                        2. A Boston news program on strange food featured them - not only were people eating sour things, but they couldn't taste the spice in ultra-hot chili pepper dishes. A group of 20-somethings were stuffing themselves on sour, pungent, and peppery foods - with no apparent forethought to the GI repercussions. Caveat emptor!

                          1. my shipment arrived today and i'm serving this for dessert at my christmas dinner.