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Feb 5, 2007 04:40 PM

What to do with fresh thyme?

I bought a bag of fresh thyme today so I can make Zuni chicken this week... that'll use four sprigs - now what do I do with the other 12 that were in the bag?! Can I freeze it, or does someone have some great recipe ideas for me?

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  1. Yum. Rosemary used to be my favorite herb but Thyme has for the present surpassed it. I love it. I like to add it to any fresh vinaigrette I make. (It would also be good in creamy dressings, such as Ranch or even Blue Cheese.) I love to season steaks or, even better, pork chops with salt and pepper and fresh thyme, let them sit for a bit then grill them or pan fry them. The same goes for chicken. And when I roast a chicken, thyme goes inside the cavity and all under the skin. You can also add it to just about any homemade soup or stew. It is very versatile.

    1. Thyme, whether fresh or dried, goes into almost every simmered dish and braise/stew that I make.

      When using fresh thyme sprigs, it's a good idea to tie them together with a piece of butcher's twine; it makes removal a lot easier.

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        That's a GREAT idea! Why haven't I ever thought of that? Just this weekend I made a pot roast braised in wine and used a few sprigs of thyme and rosemary. We were fishing out stems through the whole meal. I'm going to add a note to my recipe right now!

      2. Wrap your extra thyme in a paper towel, then seal in a baggie. This will stay fresh in your
        fridge for at least 1 week.
        To marinate chicken breasts, I mince some thyme, garlic, olive oil, lemon rind, freshly ground pepper and light soy. I use a grill pan ( because it is like 15 degrees outside ! ) and marinate the chicken, sometimes slicing it thin, for at least 1 hour. I buy thyme about once a week. You can also add it to panko bread crumbs with a little garlic, oil and sea salt. I sprinkle it over fish fillets and bake them until golden. Have fun.

        1. It's also good on any vegetable before roasting, a must in stocks, and nice in a vinaigrette. It will keep for quite a while if you store it as suggested above.

          1. Thyme is heavenly in scalloped potatoes. Boil your sliced potatoes in some milk, cream, and butter with a couple heaping teaspoons of the fresh thyme leaves. Also throw in some chives if you have them. Once it comes to a boil, taste and add salt & pepper, then put it all in your baking dish and arrange the slices, cover with foil and bake 40 minutes, then another 10 uncovered or till top is brown and it's bubbly. It smells and tastes fantastic.

            You can also dry out any leftover thyme leaves in your oven and that way save them for later.