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Feb 5, 2007 04:37 PM

Sauteed Mushrooms?

I have a half bottle of Marsala left, some button and crimini mushrooms and butter. (Also I can get additional ingredients and have various fresh herbs, garlic and shallots in the garden)

How do people like to do up a batch of sauteed mushrooms as a side with, say, steaks?

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  1. I like to saute them in olive oil with a generous ration of garlic, then add some oregano and white wine, and cook them till the wine is reduced. If they're little I leave them whole; if they're bigger I'll halve or even quarter them.

    1. I just add some chopped onion, worchestshire sauce, and butter. GREAT with a good steak.

      1. Tonight I'm planning to saute a generous heap of button and shitake with tons of shallots, some garlic, butter, marsala and sausage and then toss with pasta. Lots of black pepper and grated romano on top.

        1. Saute with just some salt, black pepper, garlic, shallots, butter & at the end, a shot of cognac to bring it all together.