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New in Downtown?

I went to Royale on Wilshire the other night and enjoyed it a lot. Gorgeous space. Good food. Now, Saturday night, a friend asked me to go to the Disney Hall and we were looking for something we had not tried. I have been to most of the oldies: Traxx, Ciudad, Patina, Cicada, Zucco, Nick and Stef's, Pete's, Prime, etc. Any other ideas?

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  1. R23 - sushi, Kendall's braserrie (another Splichal place next to Dorothy Chandler)

    1. Kendall's was very good and just a block away. You could also do Roy's.

      As far as sushi goes I'd recommend Takumi (new sushi bar in Little Tokyo) or Sushi Gen over R-23 but that's just me... in any event all three are probably too far away.

      1. An interesting steak joint is e.3rd Steakhouse, located at 734 E. 3rd Street (213) 680-2003, a new off-spring from the brain child behind Zip Fusion. Food and service is still a bit uneven, but it is brand new so teething problems should probably be expected.

        Might also consider J Restaurant & Lounge, 1119 S. Olive St. (213) 746-7746, which has a pretty good pork chop, as well as pizzas.

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          Better than Next Door Pizza? You recommended it we tried it and liked it a few months ago.
          We've been to Roy's twice in the last month and been very happy, good food , nice service.

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            Well, they are different. J's pizzas are more in the vein of CPK - e.g. nouveau Californian type pies. Pizza Next Door is just your basic solid pizza. Sort of like a burger from Father's Office versus one from In-N-Out. Not making a normative statement, just trying to compare and contrast styles.

            BTW russkar, I've been meaning say something about a post you made a while back about a Taiwanese tasting menu dinner you had in OC. I think something I posted was taken the wrong way and if it was, I apologize. The post (and the replies) were deleted. Just wanted to get that out there so there were no hard feelings.

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              Thanks for the Clarifation about Pizza, so far you have been able to find the Good ones which isn't easy in LA.
              Re: Taiwanese Lunch at May Garden, I think I posted about the Lunch being Taiwanese when I should have said some items were and the CHEF was Taiwanese, no hard feelings and thanks.

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            My mom and I tried e.3rd Steakhouse tonight. Overall, average food. The setting is nice, hip, but quiet enough to have a conversation. We sat in their back patio which is a a very nice option.

            We had the rib eye, an ahi tuna salad, and an appetizer avocado and tuna. Presentation on the appetizer very nice. Rib eye was tender, swimming in a sauce. We chose sides of onion rings and string beans. String beans were overcooked but tasty.

            Limited wine list. We wouldn't go back for food, but a nice for a drink with friends. Service was very friendly, but yes, staff is getting up to speed it seems. Timing had several offs but we didn't mind b/c the atmosphere was pleasant.

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              Oops, I realize I replied in the wrong section here! But also wanted to add that it's a nice time to check this place out if interested. They have a write up in the LA Weekly and if you mention it, you get a second entree free.

          3. Trifecta on hill and 2nd is a cool space and good eats, next door is the redwood great burger and Hanger steak, then there's always Capperii on 2nd in little Tokyo for Italian food........and don't forget Royal Clayton's on industrial in the toy factory lofts great space and very nice menu.

            1. I think Epicentre is still there, definitely not new. I went there once or twice when they first opened many years ago, and honestly don't really remember the food. Their gig is you can order your dish at different levels of spiciness using earthquake ratings, ergo the name of the restaurant. Anyway, it doesn't get much or any mention here, so thought I'd mention it as an option. I believe it's in or next to the Kawada Hotel on Hill.

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                I want to say Epicentre is either being remodeled into something else, or is just becoming something else ...

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                  Epicenter is closed. Trifecta is in its space.

              2. blue velvet seems to be getting some good reviews as of late.

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                  Two different friends went recently and were not happy. I was told to stay away.

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                    I was just going to recommend Blue Velvet. Went there a few weeks ago and loved it!

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                      $35- corkage is a turnoff. Spotty Service and inconsistant food doesn't fly either. Both friends on different days had the same story.

                  2. Epicenter has been closed for over 2 years its; now Trifecta and I've been several times.
                    Large Vegas sports book big screens and a nice menu.
                    Epicenter is no more.

                    1. There is a new neighborhood Brazilian spot that is making noise (and serving dinner) called Wood Spoon. The space and prices are modest compared with the "oldies" that you listed in your original post, but the food is tasty and the menu is interesting.

                      Wood Spoon
                      102 West 9th Street
                      (213) 629-1765
                      M-F 11AM - 9PM
                      SAT 9AM - 9PM
                      Wood Spoon on Blog Downtown: http://blogdowntown.com/blog/2480

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                        I really like Wood Spoon, esp. their pork burger - see here my earlier post here http://www.chowhound.com/topics/362770

                        But, alas, I don't think they are open for dinner, which is what I believe the OP was looking for.

                      2. The Wood Spoon is open for dinner now. Sure wish Tiarra Cafe down the street was as well.

                        1. Has anyone been the new (relatively new) 626 Wine Bar. There are only a couple topics about it on the forum, and not to many details. But from what has been said, it sounds decent. Any thoughts?

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                            My SO and I went to 626 soon after it opened last summer. I can't remember exactly what we had except ceviche - overall, we were underwhelmed by the food, but we really liked the atmosphere and the wine. I'd like to try it again to see if the food has improved - it may have been opening jitters!

                          2. Been to the 626 several times very cool space. Wine and beer only but great selection of wines. The small plate are pretty good and they have live Jazz on Monday or Tuesday nights.
                            Open for lunch and dinner.