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Feb 5, 2007 03:45 PM

Looking for spelt pastry flour

I'm trying to make a birthday cake for someone allergic to wheat and she's said that she's liked cakes made from spelt pastry flour. I haven't been able to locate any, however, either by calling natural foods stores or looking online. Does anyone know if this product actually exists and where I can order some?

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  1. I've never seen spelt pastry flour here in Toronto. As far as I know, spelt flour is available as "whole spelt flour" and "all-purpose [or light] spelt flour."

    I've used whole spelt flour successfully in cakes and pie crusts. For a finer crumb, I'd suggest trying the all purpose/light spelt flour.

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      Whether a flour is described as "bread", "all purpose" or "Pastry(cake/soft)" flour depends on the protein content of the wheat. Spelt is a particular form of wheat, and so the the protein content is what it is, unlike with other wheats where if it is not exactly spot on for the particular application, it will be blended with other wheats until the exact protein level is reached.

      Spelt in my experience is more of an "all purpose" level of protein and it should be fine for most cakes. If you want a more traditional cake and not one that's "health food-y" do use a finer grind and at least partly sifted ("white") spelt flour.

      As noted by others here, it does have more protein than regular pastry flours, and so should be handled somewhat delicately - don't over beat it. You may need to adjust the liquid slightly as well, as it does absorb it slightly differently than other wheat flours. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how much or whether up or down. I wouldn't make a really finicky recipe, but something more homey that can roll with the punches because of this. Carrot cake or banana cake, that kind of thing would work well.

      RShea78 has a point too. I've known a number of people with problems with wheat who could eat spelt... for a while. But it does tend to catch up and start causing problems too. It's just not that different from regular wheat. There's lots of good gluten-fre recipes out there; in some ways they might be easier than trying to sub spelt flour for pastry flour.

    2. king Arthur catalog/ specialty grains/ page 2 (its currently unavailable)

      Have you tried Whole Foods or a local co-op?

      1. Arrowhead Mills has spelt flour. Whole Foods carries their products.

        Look --->

        Another product option:

        Try 'Contact Us' and inquire about spelt pastry flour.

        1. yeah, ive never seen spelt pastry flour. never. and i have used pretty every grain flour out there. down to teff (not much luck with that one but...). the spelt flours i have tried tho have never seemed all too course or anything (like some whole grain wheat flours can be). maybe a whole spelt flour mixed 25/75 or something with a bit of whole wheat pastry flour. i think the cake'd be just fine going all spelt but...
          try not to use the white spelt flour, tho. member, its just like wheat in that it can be refined and turned into a 'white' flour. quinoa is the same, too, remember. you always want to make sure you are actually getting the whole grain version of wheat, spelt, or quinoa. good luck.

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            Spelt Flour IS NOT recommended for direct food allergies. Also I would not attempt to bake anything in any home that is already contaminated with wheat products no matter how clean your are. Even if you can hose down the place!

            My suggestion is to seek your friends recommendations (after tossing a few subtle hints around) and getting something they have already tried, tested, or approved. Those may contain less spelt flour along with other non-wheat flours (blended flours) that keeps your friend in the "safety zone".