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Feb 5, 2007 03:42 PM

Best Cakes and Pastries in LA

I am looking for the best place to buy an amazing cake in LA. It's not that I don't care about price but I really want to what's the best. Best decorating, best cakes, best pastries... Id love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. I love the red velvet cake from Doughboys.

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    1. re: glutton

      I agree. I tried a bunch of bakeries last week (i'll post soon) and was pretty disappointed by the more expensive bakeries. Doughboy's was good.

    2. Wow - that place sounds really cool, and Ive never heard of it - thanks!

      1. Bluebird bakery in Culver City.
        Awesome cakes! Amandine on Wilshire has the best pasteries IMO.

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        1. re: SarahM

          yep, amadine has some pretty darn good tasting pastries.

        2. I love Rosebud on robertson-- beautiful and tasty- cakes/cupcakes-- wedding/birthday party style. very expensive.

          Petite Sara on Pico near crescent heights has delicious pastries/cheesecakes, etc

          Urth Cafe has amazing bake sale deals-- day old mini cheesecakes for a few dollars. i don't have any trouble with day old cheesecake.

          i had a TERRIBLE experience with Hansens getting cakes for my twin girls last October. I don't care if the cakes are free and delicious, I will never go back because they treated me so badly-- over $5.

          1. Love Amandine - store specializes in French pastries though - if that's what you're looking for in way of cakes. Reviews are split re: sweet lady jane - too sweet for some.
            Have had great cakes from Michel Richard (also French) on Robertson. They will actually make a birthday cake size napolean which is fantastic (albeit pricey.)

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            1. re: mrpullings

              Second Amandine. I had a pear filled white layer cake there that was delightful. Light, a little sweet, with perfect frosting. How often do you get frosting that's not cloying, and that you actually want to eat?