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Feb 5, 2007 03:35 PM

Half Moon Bay Inn & Kitchen - Recent Experience?

Reposting - I'm a dope who posted on the Calif. board rather than Bay Area...

Anyone have recent experience at the Half Moon Bay Inn and Kitchen? Posts from last year seem to say service is pretty minimal, but food is good/ok, to even "stellar" according to one poster. I've checked other online sources which lean more toward ok to bloody awful.

So tell me -- if I've got friends coming from out of town who want to check out HMB for a morning - do we get together at the HMB Inn & Kitchen for brunch or not?


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  1. I live in HMB and have been to Half Moon Bay Kitchen and Cocktails a number of times. I think it's just fine -- nothing outstanding (this *is* HMB after all!) so I don't know what to tell you. It's not a destination place, but if you happen to be in HMB, then I think it will do fine for a casual breakfast or lunch since the menu is varied. However, I have heard some people who have had bad experiences there, though this hasn't happened to me. However, it's very nicely decorated, especially if you know what it looked like before. The owner has done a fantastic job of refurbishing.

    I believe Pasta Moon and Cetrella may be open at brunch times, but you should check. Some people also like the Moonside Cafe and Bakery, also on Main Street. I do not recommend the Half Moon Bay Coffee Co. for other than coffee but I know that place has its fans as well, especially for breakfast.

    The bottom line is, don't expect the world from most HMB restaurants and then you may be pleasantly surprised. :-)

    1. If you are not married to eating in HMB, or if Cetrella is open (which is realy good) drive a few miles down Highway 1 to Pescadero and eat at Duartes. They have a great artichoke omelet!

      1. Thanks to you both! I think we're just gonna go for it. I'll post back on how it goes!