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Feb 5, 2007 03:15 PM

Romantic Valentines Dinner

What are your favorite romantic places in LA? Id like to take my girlfriend somewhere nice, but not absurdly priced.

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  1. There's always L.A. Prime Steakhouse downtown. Its at the top of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Figueroa St between 4th and 5th streets. The views alone are worth it but its also an excellent steak house. You can also dine just below in the revolving bar and order from the steakhouse menu! Definitely romantic and if I remember not on the top of the price list either. Good Luck.

    1. Ooh - also I just remembered Yamashiro in Hollywood. The location was built as a replica of a 19th century Japaneese palace, incredibly beautiful and overlooks the city. Very romantic weather you sit at the windows overlooking the city or inside the Japaneese garden. Food is decent. Make sure to make reservations.

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        The food is NOT decent. The view is nice.

        The food is not worth the price...nor really the view, either.

      2. Honestly...the best suggestion for Valentine's Day?? And I guarentee no long waits, no rushed meals, no bad service due to over capacity.... Cook something!! I swear, every Valentine's Day I cook has always turned out the best and definitely the most romantic. Another great idea....take a cooking class together. There are tons around the city but I know for sure this place has one that looks pretty damn good...

        Check it out.

        1. I agree. Valentines is guess what? the busiest day of the year in the restaurant world. Its like Christmas is for the retail world. A time to overbook, a time to make millions of 'special' meals that can be conviently prepared ahead of time with the most cost-effective components. If Valentines falls on a weekend-ka-ching!-you'll see Valentines breakfasts, brunches, dinners of course, maybe even valentine's day suppers or 4rth meals? Not to disparage the restaurants of course, the employees especially-the cooks and servers deserve a lot of respect for working so hard and being overburdened the way many of them are. And there are places that limit their booking and do try to create an honestly intimate experience. But, really what could be more romantic than making something special at home where there's no rush and you can plan everything for perfection. If you can't cook, find your local gourmet shop and get something you merely have to warm up. You don't need much, maybe just a bottle of wine, chocolate...

          1. Last year my boyfriend and I celebrated V-day the weekend before at a nice/romantic place. Then on the actual day we ate at a sushi bar, had some beer, and it was fun. You get to enjoy a nice romantic dinner by beating the crowd and then on V-day it's a casual dinner where you can just joke around and relax. You get the best of both!

            We're doing that again this year, on Saturday we're headed to Charthouse in Redondo Beach. The food is decent but I looooove the chocolate lava cake for dessert, plus a window seat is romantic (i hope it doesn't rain).