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Feb 5, 2007 03:15 PM

Poutine or canadian food!

Does anyone know of a restaurant or freis place that has 'poutine' or even canadian style food?

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  1. pomme frites on 2nd avenue and 7th

    1. the only one I am aware of is Pommes Frite's on 2nd Ave. off 7th St. bon appetit

      1. Alias on Clinton Street (LES) used to have a butter tart dessert as a special. It was delicious, but $7!! My Canadian relatives got a good laugh about that one (they're about a buck there).

        Let me know if you find any nainamo bars.

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        1. re: Oliverstreet

          Oliverstreet...OMG Nanaimo Bars are awesome, now I am going to be obsessed until I make them.

          This is kinda interesting

        2. There was an article in the Canadian newpaper The National Post last Saturday entitled, "Will Poutine take Manhattan". A new restaurant called "The Inn LW12", with poutine and other "indigenous" Quebec cuisine is scheduled to open on Feb. 14. I have pasted the link to the article below.

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            Thanks Sherryf, that is great! All the need is some dessert with Aero or Big Turk and it will be my new favourite place!

          2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Thanks. Maybe next time I'm in the city..............