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Feb 5, 2007 02:55 PM

Delivery options for 96th st-UES?

I've moved to 96th and 3rd Ave and still don't know the best places for delivery. I'm a culinary student (currently) and sometimes don't get home til late, so some late night options would be appreciated as well. I've been lurking the boards for quite some time even before I got to NYC (was in East Asia for some time) but haven't found much info about my neck of the woods. Maybe I'm a little inept at searching?

I know you folks can help me out so I'm counting on some responses!
Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Try El Paso Taqueria (97th between Madison and Park). Pintaille's Pizza (Madison/91st.) Itzocan Bistro delivers (103rd/Lex.) Halal Indo Pak not too bad when you're looking for those flavors. Zebu Grill delivers and I think they still do their great burger with yucca fries if you ask even though it's no longer on the menu. Pio Pio on First around 92nd is a very affordable standby. Pesce Pasta for their lasagna bolognese. Wu Liang Ye for their wontons with hot oil. Saigon Grill. All available in the New York Menu Pages.

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        Hi Puddle, I'm at 96th and 3rd too and it's not a great delivery area.

        As far as I know, Saigon Grill still hasn't reopened. Boo. Penang in the mid-70's will deliver up to us. Pio Pio is one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, but if I'm not mistaken they only allow takeout? I hope I'm wrong, as I'd love to get delivery from them. A strong second to Pintaile's, although I find their delivery to be excruciatingly slow on occasion.

        1. re: Kanger

          Pio Pio definitely delivers delicious d-chicken.

          1. re: djinn87

            I'm glad I'm wrong, and I know what I'm eating tonight ...

      2. Hey there, I'm in the same hood, a little to the west. I strongly second El Paso Taqueria for good Mexican staples.

        Itzocan is one of my fav restaurants in the 'hood. And they deliver.

        - Sean

        1. Try Don Pedro's (latin/carribbean) and Sala Thai. Strong agreement about Zebu and Wu Liang Ye.


            Itzocan at Lex and 101st and Salata on Madison around 96th. The link above has a few ideas. Good luck!