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Feb 5, 2007 02:42 PM


Flying out of LAX next week, and it looks like I might be sitting there for an hour or so prior to boarding. Food suggestions?

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  1. Hi, Nothing external from the airport for such short free time, especially since you would have to go thru security again.

    Jody Moronis Sausage Kingdom are in some of the terminals and has a good selection of tasty sandwiches.

    If you are allowing a lot driving and get to the area early, then Rinaldi's in El Segundo for great deli sandwiches. Ther is always the In & Out immediately south of the airport on Sepulveda.

    Panera Bread is in Downtown Westchester.

    1. Haven't been in a very long time, but maybe Encounter would work:

      1. Not clear if you're there during a layover, or if you're going to be in town prior to your flight.

        If layover, Wes is right. You'll barely have time to leave, grab fast food, and get through security. Your choices in the terminals are mostly of the corporate chain type places. Here's a list of restaurant tenants for each terminal:

        1. I was at Encounter (the space-aged restaurant in the middle of LAX) recently and, wow, the place looks not-at-all space-aged and very much 60s-70s meet Jetsons and Flintstones. In other words, the place looks like it was decorated by Hanna-Barbara. I would only go there if you wanted a beer before boarding and, perhaps, a mediocre light snack. Oh, and a view of planes taking off and landing. I would not go there expecting anything specatuclar. But, the plus is that it's located in the airport, giving you plenty of time to make your flight.

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            Not necessarily, depending upon which terminal you go out is outside terminal security, so you have to clear security on the layover and go back through security after...the last time I flew American, just to give one example, it took nearly an hour to get through the security line...if it is an hour layover, you will have to make do with whatever is near your gate.