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Feb 5, 2007 02:39 PM

Best Fidi/Embarcadero Pastries for Business Mtgs

Our firm usually orders from Birley for morning meetings, as their scones are really quite delicious and their croissants are workable enough.

For afternoon meetings, we usually opt for Specialtys cookies, but for an upcoming meeting, we'd like some pastries with a bit more panache.

Any recommendations of top flight pastries available in this area? We prefer places that will deliver.

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  1. Cafe Madeline's pastries are really good. I believe their prices are reasonable.

    1. I like Cafe Madeleine, though I'm not sure if they deliver. They certainly have what I think classifies as panache. The location is on California, between Sansome and Battery.

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        I got ahold of their catering menu and they do deliver. I must have thrown the menu out but if you go to the store, they have it up front on the counter.

      2. I think there was a post a while back about ordering from Delessio, and I think they deliver.

        1. Delessio sounds solid but they have a $200 minimum for delivery and they are all the way down on Market and Gough. D'oh!

          1. we always get pastries from peets and our board of directors loves them...they don't deliver...but if you wanted to find someone to make a run, that'd be my recommendation. the peets in the russ building is where we go...i actually think their pastries are far superior to specialties...but not their cookies, of course...