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Feb 5, 2007 02:37 PM

The Good Earth - Not So Good - Westwood Review

The Good Earth Restaurant is back in Westwood - and I recommend you stay away until they get their act together. It's located on Broxton in the heart of Westwood Village where many other restaurants have come and gone. Had lunch there today on a whim not knowing that they had opened in Westwood. Service was terrible and slow (even though the restaurant was practically empty), food was lukewarm (a lukewarm "grilled" sandwich need I say more?) Ordered "air fries" and they were more like day-old potato wedges that were thrown in the microwave. And to make matter worse - they don't have ranch dressing. What is up with that?!?! Good Earth is not so good! Only thing going for them - the Ice Tea was refreshing. . . Fellow chowhounders you've been forewarned.

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  1. Used to go the The Good Earth many moons ago, there was one in La Jolla near the cove, it was a good place for some hot tea or a coffee and a slice of carrot cake, and not much else.

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      oh yeah their carrot cake was pretty good wasn't it?

    2. I have no idea why they have hung on for so long. There is one in Studio City which is terrible. I haven't been there for years.

      1. What are these Westwood entrepreneurs thinking? Stratton's was a formidable bar that had an upstairs balcony and seating area and a large kitchen. UCLA is up the street, and there are two single-screen premier theatres a short block away. There is a large parking lot next door. How can this place not make money as a bar? How does it hope to meet expenses as a second-rate decades-ago Good Earth? There is sushi surrounding, a Corner Bakery a block east on Westwood, some vegie places down on Gayley, and a good salad/sandwich place (Damon & Pythias) and falafel just south on Broxton. A Good Earth??? Why!!?? There is an investor scam going on somewhere...

        1. "Decades ago" is right. I remember eating at Good Earth with my parents a couple of times in the late 70's/early 80's--usually on road trips, because we all liked to think we were eating healthy food. I was too young to be even the slightest bit sophisticated about restaurants, but even then I knew it sucked.

          How has it hung around this long? Is it a money-laundering operation for weed-growing hippies?

          1. >>I recommend you stay away until they get their act together.

            Your review perfectly describes the experience at the Wwd. Good Earth in 1979. I wouldn't hold my breath for them to improve.