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Feb 5, 2007 02:31 PM

"Non-chain" restaurants in Columbus, OH

I love going out to dinner, but my husband and I are stuck in a 5 restaurant rut. Any suggestions for "non-chain" restaurants in Columbus, OH?

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  1. What are your 5 restaurants?

    1. Have you looked at this recent topic of discussion?

      1. Nsxtasy - Thanks for the link to the Columbus info.
        As for my five restaurants: Alana's (on High Street), Spagio (Grandview), Shoku (Grandview), Haiku (High Street) and La Casita (value priced - Bethel). Last week I tried Rossi, a small restaurant on High Street. Great food and great wine. The menu is smaller than most, but there are quite a few fish dishes.

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          Not a bad 5 to include in your rut, but I think Haiku and La Casita have decined in quality, and I had a mediocre waiter at Alana's last week which had never happened before.

          About a block south of Alana's is Japanese Oriental, a Korean owned place that has sushi as well as Japanese, Korean, and some Chinese dishes. The service can be slow, but the food is good. Order from the Korean part of the menu and/or try the sushi.

          Some others I'll throw out to shake up your routine are Taste of Bali, Basi Italia, The Rossi, and Brownstone on Main.

          I was talking to someone the other day who had had a great meal at Bexley's Monk. I haven't been there for years, but plan on going back soon.

        2. I would try Otani on 161 ( and Yoshi's on Frantz Road near Tuttle for sushi. They are a little less trendy than Haiku and Shoku, but I think the food is great. Also, I love Z Cucina and Trattoria Roma in Grandview - 2 totally different Italian-type places. Z Cucina is the people from Pastaria in North Market and they have their pastas and other meat dishes - very pretty interior and kind of more like Spagio. Trattoria Roma is more traditional Italian with some creative specials. Burgundy Room in the Short North, not far from Rossi, has great tapas-sized plates with some creative dishes. I've always had good meals there.

          1. Great suggestions thus far, but I would like to add Thom's On Grandview to the list ( They have a nice wine list with very reasonable prices. The trout is outstanding as is the rack of lamb, cioppino and the sea scallops. I crave the salmon blt on the lunch menu. I've been there several times and have yet to be disappointed.