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Feb 5, 2007 02:28 PM

I hate to admit it but...[Moved from General Topics]

I tried a Burger King spicy fried fish sandwich the other day out of sheer desperation and it was absolutely delicious. Delicious I tell you. A nice sized crispy filet of fresh tasting flaky white fish with lettuce and tartar sauce. Could this be a fluke? (no pun intended). Perhaps I was just lucky enough to get it right out of the fryer? Anyway, I will try it again one day, and I don't like anything from BK anymore and had to be deperate to even stop there. When I was a child we'd occasionally get McDonald's fish filet as a treat on Fridays (that Catholic thing), but their's went down hill decades ago and I've despaired of every finding a filet of fish I'd like as much again. Be curious to know if anyone else had had the same experience.

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  1. were you really hungry?

    the last time i had jury duty, i was so nervous that i couldn't eat all day. i had gone to mc d's in the mourning thinking i should try and eat something. i ordered their new cinnamon snack. it sat in my car over 6 hours untouched. when i got home i reheated them and they were absolutely delicious. because they were so good, i decided to order it again but it wasn't half as good.

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      Not incredibly so. I really avoid chains whenever possible. I was more in a hurry and needed to get something to eat before I went any further.