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Feb 5, 2007 02:20 PM

Best Spice Rack/Storage (including jars)

I cook many different kinds of food, and as a result I probably have at least 30-50 spices. I have a small apartment kitchen and I don't have room to put my spices away in a cupboard, so right now I have a small shelf that I use, but now it's a mess and overflowing, and I'm frankly sick of the disorganization.

I need some kind of attractive storage system (a rack, circular spinning tower, etc) that I can display on my counter. It needs to have minimum 20 spice jars, but I'd prefer more like 40 (I'll buy more than one if necessary). I've looked on the websites for Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel,,, Surfas, etc., and haven't found just the right one.

I want to make sure the jars are airtight and good quality, and I don't mind investing a fair amount of money. Other than that, I just want it to be attractive and well organized. I prefer that they don't come with spices, since I already have spices and I'd just end up throwing them out.

What does everyone else out there use?

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. I have a battery-operated spice rack that's attached to the underside of a shelf in my pantry. It's made by Kitchenetics and it holds about 24 spice bottles. Because it doesn't take up the entire height of the shelf, right underneath it I have a lazy-susan that holds about 25 more bottles. I've had this Kitchenetics spice rack for a very long time, and I have a feeling that it's no longer available.

    Fante's, with a retail store in the Italian Market in South Philly, and a good website, has a fairly good selection of spice racks:

    1. I use a two-tiered lazy Susan that I believe is a Rubbermaid product; I think it's marketed just as a lazy Susan and not as a spice rack. I'd guess it holds at least 35 jars and cans - possibly more, but I've never bothered to count. Basically the spices that I use the most face out, and the ones I use least migrate to the inner circle, but are also easity accessible.

      I purposely did not choose the kind of spice rack that comes with matching jars and labels. I know what my needs are and I think it's more useful to have spices in the sizes I need most: a very small bottle of cayenne peper; one can of sweet paprika, another of hot paprika; a tall jar of oregano; a medium jar for whole coriander and a large jar for ground coriander, etc..

      This is of course less pretty than a matchy-matchy array of identical bottles, but my needs are better met by my current set-up.

      1. I have the same thing to organize all my bottles and jars of spices, and it works well and was really inexpensive. What I also like about it is that if necessary, you can always add more tiers - currently I only have two and find that to be suitable. I think I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens 'n Things - always get those two confused.

        1. My wife and I use lots of spices, and our spice rack is an old video tape rack (about 8 wide wire baskets on a metal frame about 5 feet high, screwed to a wall) with jars of all sizes in it. It's great.

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            I use something similar (tiny kitchen, no space for a countertop rack) over my pantry door. I think it was originally for shoes or something -- it's white metal, with three or four foot-long shelves that are perfectly sized for the smallest size glass and plastic Penzey's jars. I bought three from The Container Store and hung them end to end, and it holds a ton of spices.

          2. Dean & Deluca has a fabulous spice 'rack' that is a rack with thin/tall test tube jars. You would have to transfer your spices to these tubes, but it is very attractive and does not take up much space. It is costly. There are two versions, and other interesting racks. I had the large one several moves ago. Now, I just have a mess in a cupboard and a drawer. I have to organize my mess. Thanks for the post!


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              Dean and Deluca also has a stainless steel wire spice shelf which fits their metal cans of spices (which is nice because it protects the spices from damage from the light). And the cans can be refilled with Penzey's or something similar for pretty cheap.