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Feb 5, 2007 02:17 PM

Mexican Restaurants That Don't Use Lard

Hi All,

I have a friend coming to town this weekend who wants Mexican food. I would love to take her to Don Antonio's which is my favorite but they use lard in their chips. She is a hard core vegetarian which takes Don Antonio's out of the running. Can anyone suggest a mexican restaurant with great food and chips that doesn't use lard? I am willing to drive to the west side as well as the valley so location is not an issue.

Thanks in Advance.


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  1. Mexicali Cantina in Studio City qualifies if I recall correctly.
    818.985.1744 for info.

    1. Mama's Hot Tamales does not use any lard. They have great tamales, aguas frescas, and a limited number of traditional Mexican dishes. I am not sure if they are open at night, though.

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      1. I know at least some of the menu items at Alegria on Sunset in Silverlake are made without lard (i.e. they have "vegan" rice and the menu lists what the various entrees are cooked in, and most of them are cooked in oil. You'd have to call them to check on things like refried beans and tortilla chips, though.

        1. Tacos Por Favor, which is much more casual than some of the places mentioned, does not use lard.

          1. I believe King Taco does not use any lard, but that may not be the type of place you're looking for.