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Feb 5, 2007 02:16 PM

Any new info on Tre Scalini?

I heard they were moving and was wondering if they had and whether anyone has been to the new place?

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  1. According to a sign in their old window I saw a few weeks ago, the new Tre Scalini should be up and running by now. The new location is in the old Trattoria Lucca, on Passyunk between McKean and Mifflin. Always a solid reccomendation, hope the squid ink pasta is still on the menu.

    1. I talked to Michael Klein at the Inky today and he said it is open but closed today and tomorrow because of a death in the family.

      1. Anyone know if the old space has sold, and what may be moving in there? I know we're getting another Italian place on the south side of the fountain.

        1. The other Italian place on the south side of the fountain is Chiarella's, a Wildwood transplant. Did some snooping in the windows; looks good, hope the menu follows. Some more info on my blog:

          I'm not sure if the old Tre Scalini is for sale or rent. It looks like there's space for 2 separate restaurants in there. I've got my fingers crossed for a desperately needed Indian or sushi place on Passyunk.

          1. Love Tre Scalini. We ate at their relocated E Passyunk location last Saturday and had a great meal. Much nicer digs, food still as good. Also had a nice arugula and fennel salad, very nice zippy mussels as appys. The squid pasta is still there and still yummy. I love their pappardelle with mushrooms. We split an order among four between appys and entree, For entrees, bronzino, veal chop, veal and lamb-- great flavors, nice portions, no disappointments among the four of us. Love the BYOB.

            Still trying to get a reservation for L'Angolo but it looks like you need more than 1 week advance notice to secure a Saturday night unless you want 5 or 9:30 seatings, and we never seem to plan that far...Anyone been there recently to give some review?