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Feb 5, 2007 02:12 PM

Jamaican beef patties in SF? Help!

Anyone know where to get Jamaican beef patties in SF proper? Fresh would be great, but I can't even find them stocked in a freezer section of a market. Any guidance is much appreciated.

If you are an aficianado, I used to live around the corner from Christie's in Brooklyn. So I was raised on the best of the best, but my standards have lowered since I am currently faced with a drought.


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      thanks for the links. saw those guys. so i guess no luck in SF itself?

    2. Had really hoped your inquiry would turn up an unknown Jamaican restaurant within the city limits, but guess not.

      Saturday I routed us from San Francisco down Menlo Park's Willow Road to take the Dumbarton Bridge to Fremont just so that I could pick up a slice of black cake at Back A Yard. When my friend looked at the menu for the first time and saw cocoa bread and beef patties, a wave of nostalgia for his salad days in Washington DC hit him. We ended up taking a seat so that he could try the Jamaican beef patty here. They're made on site and kept hot in a warming oven, so they're just about the fastest hot food here. He thought this was a good version, especially the crumbly texture of the fresh pastry crust. I had a Ting, and we left with our desserts in a bag.

      Later at home, I enjoyed the black cake. This one seems a bit lighter color and not as dense as the previous samples. But at $2.50 that's not a complaint.

      Image of slice of black cake -

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