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Feb 5, 2007 02:11 PM

Looking for romantic restaurant for marriage proposal

Fellow Chowhounders: I need your help. I am going to propose to my fiancee this week and want to rent out a private room in a restaurant for the occasion.I am not necessarily looking for
a trendy place, just somewhere, private, romantic and memorable. Somewhere in Manhattan, cuisine can be French, Italian or Latin American/Spanish, but am open to other suggestions if the ambiance is right.I am willing to pay a substantial amount so finances are not an issue. I appreciate any and all recommendations as I have not been in New York for long and Chowhounders have always been a great source of assistance.

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  1. Cafe des Artistes has to have the most romantic setting in NYC. Our friend recently celebrated their anniversary there and loved it. But don't order the garlic soup!

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      1. I am willing to rent the whole restaurant if necessary. I was considering renting a place a couple of hours before it opens to ensure the privacy factor because I have not found many restaurants willing to rent a private room on such short notice. Although, I was thinking going this route may ruin the "surprise" but if the memory and the experience exceeds the surprise, well it may be worth it. Any thoughts?

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          my personal thought is dont propose in a restaurant. do it somewhere else (central park, empire state building, anywhere...) and then go enjoy a great meal somewhere. you will be able to enjoy the food and more importantly the moment much better without having anyone near you (waitstaff etc). but if you are definitely going this route, check out the monday room, it really is very initimate and romantic. also, just a thought, if you rent a restaurant before it opens, she might know something is up because there wont be any other people there. just a side thought....

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            Yes, the more I thought about it the more renting a restaurant before it opens seems impractical, although I don't think the proposal will be that much of a surprise. Yeah, I am kind of stuck on the restaurant idea, I appreciate your suggestions, I will definitely call them and look into it.

        2. I agree with HTF....unless you both have some connection to a certain restaurant I think a Romantic spot followed by a great meal is the best. as someone who just popped the big Q you want a few minutes of privacy to enjoy the moment. There must be some place in NYC that has a special memory.

          1. Thanks for all your replies, they are much appreciated. I have called all of them and seems like either Monday room or Cafe Des Artistes will be the best bet. Any other restaurant suggestions that in your view will set the right mood ?