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Midtown dinner for one

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Traveling last minute to NY for business and staying near 55th and 7th Ave. What is the best meal I can get within walking distance during the week if dining solo.

I know Bar Americain is nearby -- do they have seating available at the bar? Doesn't have to be fancy though -- a good deli will do too (anything besides Carnegie in that area?). Thanks for your quick thoughts.

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  1. yakitori toto 55th between 8th and broadway i believe... upstairs

    opens at 5:30pm

    1. Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center...Columbus Circle.

      1. Felidia is a solid dining choice. P.J. Clarke's won't wow your tastebuds but it's an interesting, old school saloon that serves food.

        1. Beacon at 25 West 56th Street (between 5th & 6th) is very welcoming at the bar. When my kitchen was being remodeled I went there several times by myself. You can get a whole meal, or just one of Waldy's fab soups.... whatever you want... Wines by the glass are reasonable and good choices.

          1. JJ, can you narrow down a little, steak, sushi, french , italian?

            1. Here are some options that are VERY close to you:

              Molyvos has a great menu at the bar. You can sit at the bar or at one of the bar tables. Their version of Baklava (round and sideways) is some of the best in the city.

              Brooklyn Diner makes a great burger and great chicken soup.

              Topaz is very good Thai. Get the chicken curry puffs.

              Inside the Parker Meridian is a hidden burger stand (behind the right side of the check in desk) that, if not too crowded, makes a great burger and a great brownie.

              1. I think all these recs are great. I'd also go with Nobu 57, you can cozy up at the bar and get awesome sushi. Baldoria has great Italian. Market Cafe is more in Hell's Kitchen, but it's low-key (could totally eat there by yourself, no issues). Sarabeth's on Central Park South is another great one. Oh, or have dinner and some wine at Morrell Wine Bar in Rockefeller Center.

                1. I've had several great solo meals at the bar at 7Square, located in the Time Hotel. The steak tartare is fantastic!

                  1. I just came back from NYC and went to D.J. Reynolds which is a pub restaurant and bar. It was very good and my friends are still taking about their meals. One friend had the chili and says it was the best she ever had, the other friend had a blue plate special and thought that it was great, I had gray goose with tonic which was delicious and a bargin! ( I also ate a club sandwich which was made with real roasted turkey breast and it was perfect.) It's a great value and the food and the service are solid. It is a meat and potatoes kind of place but one that I will be sure to return to the next time I'm in NYC. 351 W 57th St, Btwn 8th & 9th Ave