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Feb 5, 2007 02:05 PM

Reasonable Fish store in LA?

Anybody know a reasonably priced fish market in Los Angeles? I just moved here and want to buy some muscles, but they're way over priced at Whole Foods. thanks!

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  1. I honestly don't know how it's pricing compares, but the quality of fish at Santa Monica Seafood is really good. They supply a ton of restaurants.

    1. Depends on where in LA you live I guess but THE FISH KING in Glendale is hands down the best fish place I've found. I know people that drive from all over LA to buy their fish there. And they always have a good, fresh, quality selection.

      The Fish King
      722 N Glendale Ave
      Glendale, CA 91206
      (818) 244-2161

      1. Neither Fish King or Santa Monica Seafood could really be called reasonable, but I agree they're the best. With seafood, it's pretty much you get what you pay for. The Chinese markets have very cheap seafood, but who knows where and when it's from. I'm sure some of it is fine if you know what to look for. Seafood City in the Eagle Rock mall is very cheap and looks clean and fresh, however I haven't tried their fish yet.

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          "The Chinese markets have very cheap seafood, but who knows where and when it's from." Sorry, but that's borderline offensive. These folks were cooking fish when my ancestors were trying to figure out this " fire" stuff, and they know what's good and what to do with it. Yes, Fish King is great, and they still call me when they have skate ever since I asked them to three years ago - but they want $15/lb for it, and I get it at San Gabriel Superstore for $2.95. And if I ask they'll skin it for me.

          1. re: Will Owen

            I certainly didn't mean to be offensive. I just meant that there can be a communication problem, particularly if it's very busy and crowded. I can't imagine being able to ask very many questions about the provenance of fish or get cooking advice in the crush of people and din of Hawaii market, for example. And some of the smaller, cheaper fish markets of every nationality don't always smell very good. That's what I meant "it's fine if you know what you're doing" -- you've checked out the skate and it's good, so that's good to know. But a beginning chef is going to find it much easier to go somewhere like Fish King where they can get advice and find out where the fish is from.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Okay, sorry if I seemed a bit cranky there - I was forgetting that such issues as provenance and sustainability don't seem particularly important to a lot of Asian suppliers* or customers, and it's also true that stinky surroundings don't bother everybody as much as they might you and me. I do find Hawaii Supermarket kind of at the edge of acceptability in the cleanliness department, which is why I cited SG Superstore as my example. 99 Ranch markets are also pretty clean generally, and used to dealing with English-speakers.

              *OTOH, how about all those mainstream American restaurants that have never taken Chilean sea bass off their menus?

          2. re: Chowpatty

            Re: Seafood City in the Eagle Rock.

            Just the stink coming out of this place was enough for me. AND I had a bad cold.

          3. the mussels at the fish king are pretty reasonably priced

            1. That's what I thought.