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Feb 5, 2007 01:57 PM

Bar Supplies in Toronto

Best place to purchase bar supplies? ie. Stainless Steel Jiggers, Julep Strainers, etc?

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  1. Restaurant supply stores:

    Nikolaou on Queen West, just east of Bathurst;
    Nella Cucina on Bathurst, north of Bloor and Nella Cutlery in Mississauga;
    Nella Cutlery/Restaurant and Equipment Supply on Queen East and on Norfinch Dr., north of Finch;
    Dinetz on King East.

    1. Best:

      Sunshine Bar and Restaurant Supply
      90 Thorncliffe Park Drive.
      Toronto, ON
      M4H 1M5

      1. Dinetz on King is quite vrey reasonable. I believe you can also order frm a catalogue.

        1. If you want pretty, gift-y things, then Ashely's has a decent collection of high-end stuff.

          1. Just ordered stuff from Dinetz over the holidays - Janet helped me and was very nice (and patient).

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              Ive always gone to BEST BAR & RESTAURANT SUPPLIES...they have all the pour spouts, shakers, strainers and amazing martini and wine glasses. They usually give me wholesale pricing talkt o andy or alex if you go. They are at 45 CRANFIELD RD UNIT 8, Toronto

              1. re: andreasa

                Dinetz is great if you happen to be downtown. I live in Markham. Can some one recommend good shops in the York region selling high quality bar ware? Setup also for online ordering.

                1. re: BDD888

                  BYOB on Queen West between Shaw and Ossington.