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Feb 5, 2007 01:48 PM

Does This Pittsburgh Sandwich Ring A Bell?

fried egg and pastrami and french fries-- maybe cole slaw too-- on a bun/roll. saw it featured on the Food Network awhile back. the place serving it is an old time joint with eye talian roots. down by the river. would like to track it down.

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  1. Primanti's. Their sandwiches come with the fries piled in them.

    Good? That's another question. I used to live in Pittsburgh, and I didn't like them at all. But others loved them with a passion. Chacun son goût, n'est-ce pas?

    1. I'm in the love them with a passion category. Certainly worth a try! There's a pretty big selection of different meat for the sandwiches. My friend likes kielbasa with eggs, my wife and I like the spicy chicken.

      1. Yup, definitely Primanti's. I believe the one featured on the Food Network (if you mean the Bobby Flay show that aired recently) was the one in the Strip, but there are also Primanti's in Oakland and the South Side, if one of those is more local to you. I'm not the biggest fan (though my partner loves them), but it's definitely something that should be tried once. I like the roast beef, myself. They're at

        1. Mmmmm, Primanti's (drool a la Homer Simpson).

          Best served after a night of drinking, but good anytime. I can't do the fried egg, but I think the pastrami and/or the corned beef are the best. There are branches downtown, in Oakland, in Robinson Township somewhere, on the South Side, and the original in the Strip. If you have never had one I recommend to the Strip location to ensure you get to experience the maximum of local color.

          1. I concur with the original one in the Strip for the local color. I've been to the ones in Cranberry and out in Greensburg and they just don't seem to measure up to where it all started. Maybe it is also because my trips there were always late night after a couple (well ok, many) drinks.