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Feb 5, 2007 01:40 PM

1st in New Orleans

Hi, I'm a student going to NO from Pennsylvania for the 1st time with 3 friends. We all eat everything, and want to try some good cajun or creole places. We're staying at the French Quarter, and don't have a tonne of money, so we can't afford places like Commander's (which seems to be on all the "best of NO" lists...

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  1. Look into going to Commander's for Lunch. .75 martinis!! The food's great and it's a great NO experience (and much more inexpensive during the daylight). Hungry Celeste will have far more suggestions than I, but when I was there Acme's was very good and reasonable. Of course going to NO without once going to Cafe du Monde would be like going to Chicago and not looking up even once at one of the 30-40 800 foot tall skyscrapers.

    1. What about Casamento's on Magazine? Very NOLA.Great Oyster Loaf (on Texas toast) and Oyster Stew. Yum! Don't know if they are open right now, so check (I don't live in NOLA anymore...). Praline Connection (Frenchmen St.) has some good stuff, too, and is not expensive. Love the fried chicken livers with red pepper jelly.

      1. Casamento's is open. It's worth it. Also check out Coop's Place. Verti Marte (po boys) and Central Grocery (muffuletta) both have takeout sandwiches. Up Esplanade, you could get to Liuzza's by the Track. Shrimp stew on Fridays.

        1. Port of call for a good inexpensive burger, gumbo shop for reasonably good gumbo and a bargain, Charte room for cheap drinks and great local color, Frenchman street has good inexpensive food and lots of bars with music, just outside theFQ. That should help and I am a Pa. transplant. Don't try the pizza, they don't seem to know what good pizza is here, but there is lots of good places that are not high end. Look into Fiorello's and Eat for breakfast.

          1. Along the same lines, are there "must eat" foods besides beignets, gumbo, po (poor?) boys, jambalaya, and oysters in all forms?