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Feb 5, 2007 01:36 PM

sushi places for a 1st date...

I need a place for a first date...Is there a sushi place that's a little hip, places good music, has some action (generally busy with good looking people), and has really good sushi? Jewel Bako?

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  1. Good, not really good, Sushi Samba on 7th Ave S.

    Really good sushi, although I like their cooked stuff better, Nobu 57.

    1. Nobu 57 is a great rec. I like Jewel Bako as well (but expensive!).

      I love Tomoe Sushi the best, but that's NOT a date place.

      Maybe Ono or Megu or Sasabune would be good?

      1. I love Sushi of Gari on the UES. Make sure to call ahead for reservations since it's a tiny place and get the omikase to impress. Expect around $80/pp if you don't chow down too much and more if you do. Happy eating!

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          Gari can easily run much more than that, and the atmosphere is prob not what the OP wants (sort of bland and cramped)...personally, i despised my one dinner there (rude service, and i'm not into the "creative" sauces w/ mayonnaise, etc), but that's more a matter of sushi-style preference...

        2. The best Sushi we've had is Sushi Seki. At the Sushi Bar. Definitely great food and friendly guys. Not all hip music-wise.

          Sushi Samba is definitely loud, hip, fun. BUT, Sushi's just ok. But probably a good 1st date place. Been to both and they're pretty much the same to me,

          Sushi Gari is good too, but like Seki more.

          Good luck on date!

          1. Ise on 57 Pine St. Great sushi and kitchen food. The bartender and most of the waitress' are babes. The music is off the radio however.