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Other sushi in downtown/Little Tokyo besides Gen?

I love Sushi Gen but we're going to lunch with some people who aren't really ready for the hardcore real sushi experience of Sushi Gen, plus we can't afford to wait too long since we're working. Any other good and reasonably priced sushi places either in Little Tokyo or closer to our building at 6th and Flower?


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  1. Where to begin, There's always Sushi go 55 in the shopping center at 4th and Alameda, ZenKu Sushi in the Little Tokyo village (upstairs) great Sushi and always 50% off.
    Both good for a quick work lunch you can also take the Dash from 5th and Fig.

    1. Try Takumi, a new sushi bar headed by Hiro, formerly with Sushi Gen. Takumi is on the 2nd street side entrace to Little Tokyo Village. Here's a review I wrote a few weeks ago about it:


      If you try it, let us know what you think!

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        i havent tried takumi yet, but hiro was by far my favorite chef at sushi gen. even though there were other spots available at the counter, i would wait just to sit in his corner.
        he's def on my list.

      2. R23 is not precisely in Little Tokyo, but it's not too far away. It's very good and the decor is way trendy. however, that all comes at a price.

        1. Another vote for Sushi Go 55. I've always been so happy there I've never bothered braving the crowds at Gen, although I guess I'll have to one of these days.

          After recent visits (within the past two weeks) to my valley favorite Tama, and my other (San Gabriel) valley favorite Z Sushi, I've gotta say that Go 55 matches or beats them both.

          I've never done an omakase at Go 55, but I imagine it would be nice.

          FYI, they also have cooked food at Go 55 that is quite satisfying. At least, the tempura I've had has been expertly prepared - a nice, light batter without a hint of oiliness.

          1. Another vote for Go 55. They do a great lunch special: one piece each of albacore, snapper, tuna, yellowtail, and salmon, a blue crab handroll, miso soup, cucumber salad and side dishes for $10.


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              Just checked out the menu. . . I'l have to give Go 55 a try. Have you ever had the sashmi lunch? Thanks.

            2. Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo on 2nd is very good.

              1. If you mean that they want funny-sounding rolls that still taste decent, I suggest Zip Fusion. They have a great patio too. Not the best sushi in that area, but a fun place and good for people who aren't familiar enough with sushi to order anything other than a pre-selected roll (some of which barely qualify as sushi and instead seem like some sort of fusion dish)

                1. We settled on R23 - which was good, but no Sushi Gen. But way pricier than Sushi Gen. The sushi was fresh and good, and the dessert was actually really great - we got a very light, Japanese-style cheesecake and a hazelnut-flavored tiramisu. Thanks for all your suggestions...

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                    The Power Single dish at R-23 is their Dungeness Crab Salad. Everything else is just OK plus. Been going there intermittently since they opened a couple of OWNERS ago.

                  2. I had the Dungeness Crab Salad - it was very good. But overall, Sushi Gen reins supreme. I coulda used a little less dressing ("special sauce") on the salad, though.

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                      Kar said exactly the same thing last time we were there. I saw a huge shipment of DC at IMP going to R-23 about a week ago before we left for the Islands. They use fresh Crab like it's going out of style?
                      Their salad has to be the #1 seller on the menu? Aloha

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                        I think it's best if you sit at the bar. The seared salmon sushi is a house specialty.

                      2. The crab is definitely sweet and lovely. At first, I thought it was just piled on top of the salad, but as I dug through the layers of greens, I noticed they actually have fresh crab throughout. Was very surprised and delighted. :)

                        1. I have probably only said to get the dressing on the side on the Dungeness crab salad a thousand times.

                          1. Sorry, I've never ready any of your posts. In any case, the dressing - unlike most salad dressings - is not at all oily, so at least it doesn't weigh down the greens.

                            1. East on First is inexpensive (and they have specials on Monday and Thurs nights) but it's more for rolls.