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Feb 5, 2007 01:32 PM

Yankees comin' South- Hendersonville NC

Need help with finding a fun, casual Southern food restaurant in Hendersonville, Flat Rock NC area. We will be there with a large group for a family wedding .... we want "local" food and flavors. May be as many as 30 of us .... but don't let that weed out recommendations as we will be there several days. Not interested in ethnic places though I see much information about top restaurants in Asheville points to Mexican

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  1. If it's true Southern cooking you're after I'm afraid you're coming to the wrong part of the South. You can get much better--and more authentic--Southern food in Charlotte or Charleston or Atlanta.

    The closest we have in our neck of the woods is the "nuevo-Southern" cuisine at Tupelo Honey or The Early Girl Eatery, both in Asheville. The catch is that I don't think either can accomodate a party that large. (But it wouldn't hurt to call and ask.)

    Whatever you do don't let anyone here or elsewhere talk to you into The Moose Cafe in Asheville. It is to Southern cooking what Little Caesar's is to pizza. (I'm assuming you already know to steer clear of Cracker Barrel.)

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Maybe somebody else can think of something I've missed.
    Good luck!

    1. Jeff is on the money. This area isn't known for Southern food per se - like Charleston SC or even BBQ like places around Charlotte or Raleigh.

      1. Perhaps Highland Lake Inn would work. They don't go out of their way to be Southern with a capital S, but the many of the offerings are southern enough...grits, casseroles, seafood, bread pudding, etc. They have their own organic garden, so if you're coming in the summer, you'll certainly be getting produce grown in the southern ground!

        Highland Inn is not utterly fantastic, but it is never bad. They do a huge buffet on Sundays, and it's good. I think that bodes well for a wedding. Their weakest thing is dessert, so I would have my cake made elsewhere.

        They have a website, if you can't find it, post back and I will link it for you.

        For other times during the trip, Flat Rock Village Bakery is right down the road. I'm getting sick of the word "artisinal" already, but these guys are truely artists. The bread, the pastry, the pizza.

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          Flat Rock Village Bakery has also opened their alternative location/storefront next to the courthouse in downtown Hendersonville. I believe its called West First Pizza or something along those lines. We went there on Wednesday night and were not disappointed. The brick oven that they fire the pizzas in is beautiful. Very contemporary interior and it was packed!.

        2. Good info -- thanks to all of you. We are going to be there Memorial Day weekend (crowds yes I am sure) and the wedding is actually at the Lake House Lodge (new venue) right next to the Highland Inn. We will probbaly try "all of the above" ........ and I do love a good bakery. Any other thoughts please let me know

          1. As I posted in the other wedding thread here, for my money I'd go down (up?) to Arden and check out The Boathouse. We've never had a bad meal there, and I know they have private spaces.