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Feb 5, 2007 01:31 PM

Fish Fraud -- KCBS2 Investigation

So the evening news folks at cbs (channel 2 and 9) sent investigators to four prominent Los Angeles seafood restaurants and ordered the "red snapper." Then they sent their fish to a DNA lab, which found two mahi mahi, one tilapia, and one catfish actually served. The places were Gladstones, Delmonico's, Bluewater Grill, and Walt's Wharf. When confronted, each place denied mislabelling their fish and blamed some sort of inexplicable human error.

Makes you wonder.....

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  1. They must have the same distributor.

      1. We had a similar issue in Minneapolis last year. Instead of red snapper, people were advertising Walleye and giving people a distant european relative named zander. (


        The above articleplink points towards the super useful FDA list of approved market names for fish . (

        1. The local media did the same thing here in Phoenix and tagged four restaurants serving things other than the red snapper that was advertised. Seems to be epidemic.

          1. Recently in Tampa/ St. Pete, a newspaper checked on the grouper in 24 restaurants. 7 weren't grouper. This fraud seems quite widespread; these few posts are from all over the country.