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Feb 5, 2007 01:08 PM

best happy hour (PDX)

I love getting good food at a good price :) please recommend some good Portland happy hour food/prices, and (if you know) the days and time of the happy hour.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Carlyle: M-F 3-6pm
    saucebox: ?
    Basta's Trattoria: M-F 5-6:30

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    1. re: JillO

      JillO, tell us a little about those. Price/food options/etc.? I've never been to any that you mentioned and am also quite interested in Happy Hours.

      As far as those I've been to, and like, here we go:

      Jake's Crawfish: [3-6:00/10-12:00 Sun-Thurs; 11:00-Close Fri-Sat]

      1.95 menu with great stuff like the Tillamook Cheeseburger, Sushi Roll and much more. 2.95 menu has the excellent fish and chips and of course, more. 3.95 menu? I haven't tried anything from it. Most of the options will definitely fill you up - don't make the mistake of ordering more than one plate if you aren't familiar with their portions. That said, a few dishes don't offer a heck of a lot of food (Pot stickers, spring rolls, chicken wings), but all are quite tasty.

      Huber's: [4-6:00 / 9:30 to Close]

      Not as tasty as Jake's, but pretty good. Also, you get slightly less food here, but it's still quite a bit. 1.95 for most of the things (Turkey Sandwich, bowl of soup, salads, etc.) and 2.95 for a few others.

      Henry's: [3-6:00 / 9:00 to Close: Sun-Thurs; 10:30 - Close: Fri-Sat]

      Crowded place but yummy food. A lot of 1.95 items (macaroni and cheese, sushi rolls, caesar salad, soup) but an equal amount of better-tasting 2.95 and 3.95 items.

      Those three are the more popular of Happy Hours around. I'll write about some more obscure ones later.

      Cheaply eating,

    2. PDXmagazine has a large list of HHs with hours and specials listed.

      At, there is a PDF file of the magazine. The HH listing is on pages 32 & 33.

      Complimentary issues are available at select locations. I picked mine up at a Kaiser clinic.


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      1. re: Iona

        what month's pdxmag was that. i can only download feb. and i don't see the article.

        1. re: kirkj

          It was the Feb issue, a list on pages 32-33.


      2. I have a few favorite happy hour spots.

        Ruth Chris (downtown) - their happy hour cheeseburger is to die for! It's just under $3 bucks when you buy a drink. And they always have happy hour drink specials, too. Oh, and their seared ahi tuna on the happy hour menu is a bargain as well!

        Silk (NW 10th and Glisan in the Pearl District) - awesome Vietnamese appetizers. My favorites there are the salad rolls and the chicken over noodles (sorry, I can't remember the actual names of the dishes!). Both are on the small happy hour menu though.

        I'll post more ideas when I have the time!


        1. bluehour 13th & Everett in the Pearl (Prosecco and truffle fries in the summer)
          Vault on NW 12th & Everett in the Pearl (Best blood orange margaritas)
          Paragon on NW Hoyt & 13th ( Fried calamari )
          I second Silk ..
          Oba is fun in the summer..12th & Hoyt.."nuevo/latino"

          1. I liked Oba....good selection of drinks and decent appetizers....

            Also check out Dragonfish...some sushi rolls which weren't too bad at all......