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best happy hour (PDX)

I love getting good food at a good price :) please recommend some good Portland happy hour food/prices, and (if you know) the days and time of the happy hour.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Carlyle: M-F 3-6pm
    saucebox: ?
    Basta's Trattoria: M-F 5-6:30

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      JillO, tell us a little about those. Price/food options/etc.? I've never been to any that you mentioned and am also quite interested in Happy Hours.

      As far as those I've been to, and like, here we go:

      Jake's Crawfish: [3-6:00/10-12:00 Sun-Thurs; 11:00-Close Fri-Sat]

      1.95 menu with great stuff like the Tillamook Cheeseburger, Sushi Roll and much more. 2.95 menu has the excellent fish and chips and of course, more. 3.95 menu? I haven't tried anything from it. Most of the options will definitely fill you up - don't make the mistake of ordering more than one plate if you aren't familiar with their portions. That said, a few dishes don't offer a heck of a lot of food (Pot stickers, spring rolls, chicken wings), but all are quite tasty.

      Huber's: [4-6:00 / 9:30 to Close]

      Not as tasty as Jake's, but pretty good. Also, you get slightly less food here, but it's still quite a bit. 1.95 for most of the things (Turkey Sandwich, bowl of soup, salads, etc.) and 2.95 for a few others.

      Henry's: [3-6:00 / 9:00 to Close: Sun-Thurs; 10:30 - Close: Fri-Sat]

      Crowded place but yummy food. A lot of 1.95 items (macaroni and cheese, sushi rolls, caesar salad, soup) but an equal amount of better-tasting 2.95 and 3.95 items.

      Those three are the more popular of Happy Hours around. I'll write about some more obscure ones later.

      Cheaply eating,

    2. PDXmagazine has a large list of HHs with hours and specials listed.

      At www.pdxmagazine.com, there is a PDF file of the magazine. The HH listing is on pages 32 & 33.

      Complimentary issues are available at select locations. I picked mine up at a Kaiser clinic.


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      1. re: Iona

        what month's pdxmag was that. i can only download feb. and i don't see the article.

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          It was the Feb issue, a list on pages 32-33.


      2. I have a few favorite happy hour spots.

        Ruth Chris (downtown) - their happy hour cheeseburger is to die for! It's just under $3 bucks when you buy a drink. And they always have happy hour drink specials, too. Oh, and their seared ahi tuna on the happy hour menu is a bargain as well!

        Silk (NW 10th and Glisan in the Pearl District) - awesome Vietnamese appetizers. My favorites there are the salad rolls and the chicken over noodles (sorry, I can't remember the actual names of the dishes!). Both are on the small happy hour menu though.

        I'll post more ideas when I have the time!


        1. bluehour 13th & Everett in the Pearl (Prosecco and truffle fries in the summer)
          Vault on NW 12th & Everett in the Pearl (Best blood orange margaritas)
          Paragon on NW Hoyt & 13th ( Fried calamari )
          I second Silk ..
          Oba is fun in the summer..12th & Hoyt.."nuevo/latino"

          1. I liked Oba....good selection of drinks and decent appetizers....

            Also check out Dragonfish...some sushi rolls which weren't too bad at all......

            1. Carlyle's HH menu is online: http://www.carlylerestaurant.com/carl...
              just scroll down a bit past the drinks.

              Basta's, last I went, had $3 plates (most of them smaller versions of their apps (like mussels, carpaccio, arrancini, caesar salad), but good deals for $3), one drink special, one red wine special, one white wine special and one beer special (also for $3


              saucebox has a menu that is not online, but there are things like bowls of fresh made taro chips for a dollar or two, a few tasty fried things, a few sushi-like things, a few cooked meat items and I don't think anything was over the $6-8 range - sorry, I can't remember exactly what was there, but I do remember that we enjoyed everything we ordered. They also have a couple of drink specials, etc.

              1. My fave at Saucebox is the khao soi which I think is $4 as is their bachelor pad thai. That's the one I frequent the most because they go until 6:30, I believe, and I love their coconut lime rickeys.

                1. Stopped in last night at Saucebox and all food items are $1 to $4. The bachelor pad thai is only $3. They have a couple burgers in the $4 section as well as the crab cakes which are spicy and delicious!

                  1. And now for something completely different: The Press Club Cafe, at SE 26th and Clinton, has $2 off food and $1 off single glass pours and microbrews from 4 - 6, I believe. Their food is tasty and their wine choice interesting, and there's lots of on-street parking.

                    1. Helloooooo? The Happy Hour at Olea is my favorite in the Pearl. Dont get me wrong Silk is quite good, But the Meat board at Olea is a great bargain in these parts. Oh, And did I mention the Lobster Corn Dogs?......Man,oh Man That just is not right (yummmm).
                      Upon moving into the neighborhood I was sent by many to the Happy Hour at Oba and was disappointed by the attention paid to the Meat Market and not to the Meat Board. (can you say multi-colored tortilla chips?). Anyway, for what its worth, I have found the Happy Hour at Olea to be the tops.

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                        Helloooooo kosmonut.

                        Would you happen to remember some prices for Olea's Happy Hour? Also, how much food is provided? A filling amount? Sounds grand but possibly pricey.

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                          Lobster Corn Dogs?! I've been missing out... that sounds so good. Haven't tried Olea for a few months. We went for drinks a little while back and had a so-so experience. One of the drinks (some sort of mojito concoction) was extremely tart and hard to drink. We finally asked the server for another drink and her response was less than pleasant. I'm willing to give it another try though... especially for lobster corn dogs.


                        2. I remember trying those lobster corn dogs at Taste of the Nation last year and being very disappointed in them. Most folks I know have had inconsistent experiences at Olea. It's still on my "want to try" list, but a bit further down these days.

                          1. amopdx,

                            check out www.unthirsty.com and type in portland, or in the search box. It's got an amazing list (contributed by amazing people!) of happy hours in PDX, along with hours, relative prices, website addresses and reviews. it should help you at least narrow down your list :)

                            1. I just checked it out. This site started in Portland but can be used anywhere.
                              Best way to do it is to type in your browser: unthirsty.com/97222 (or whatever your zip is) and it will plot a map and will list the closest places. Pretty handy!

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                                We recently heard of another cool site like that - www.urbandrinks.com. It also seems to be based in Portland.


                              2. Regarding Prices at Olea, I would say between $2 and $6 for most of the items if not all.

                                1. I am liking Siam Society in Alberta with both food and drink specials. Very cheap and chic atmosphere.

                                  1. we love lucy's table, especially their small plates. we haven't tried them for happy hour. does anyone know what they offer? hours? what days?

                                    what days does silk have happy hour?

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                                      Lucy's table has happy hours from 5-6:30 pm, Mon-Fri.
                                      Silk has happy hours Mon-Sun, 3:30pm-6:30pm