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Niagara Falls in February

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We are headed for the Canadian side of Niagara Falls mid-February. Any restaurant suggestions for the family, especially Vietnamese? Chinese? Italian? Anything good and not chain-related, please; we have almost a week of chowing down to plan for. Thanks.

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  1. How fancy are you looking for? And are you willing to travel outside of NIagara Falls? I've never had Chinese or Vietnamese in Niagara (and I'm from there), but can suggest some other options...

    Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria
    5485 Ferry Street, Tel: 905-356-3345
    - Homecooked Italian meals, very good ingredients used, casual atmosphere

    Antica Pizzeria
    5785 Victoria Avenue, 905-356-3844
    - Think crust pizzas made to order in a wood-burning oven. Often busy (it's near the tourist area) but I've never been disappointed.

    And slightly out of the city, for fancier fare:

    Treadwell farm to table cuisine
    In port dalhousie (15 min from NF). Prix fix, AMAZING food, uses lots of local ingredients.

    In font hill (15m), small space, open kitchen, consistently good meal.

    The Keefer Mansion Inn
    Young chef (who used to work with Treadwell, i believe) who is experimenting with interesting ingredients and flavour combinations, quite sucessfully. He'll be even better after a few more years under his belt, but still worth the 15m drive now.

    You could also go to Niagara on the Lake, or try out some of the wineries, which have great food and great views. That's a whole other long list though... let me know if you want reco's for that.

    1. Wineries, not so much, thank you. But I would LOVE some information about restaurants in Niagara on the Lake. I hear that is a beautiful place. Thank you, also, for recommendations you've already mentioned..

      1. NOTL in the winter is incredible. Especially if you get a fresh snowfall. Most Christmas movies these days seem to be filmed there. Just a beautiful little town.

        I suggest http://www.angel-inn.com/. I would suggest lunch over dinner but it's where we go just about every trip we make to the area.


        1. If you are stuck in the Falls and need a family-friendly place for reasonable, cheap food, try Zappi's pizzeria across from Outback/TGIF on Stanley Ave. It's not "chowhoundish" but it's probably a better option than most in town. I see that you are most likely from the NY area, so the options in NF won't impress you much. Definitely get out of town and search the board for St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Region, Buffalo, and so on.

          1. I've heard great things about the Stone Road Grill (marked with a REST sign)...I wasn't able to get in last time I was there but am dying to try it when I go back. Do not, under any circumstances (drunkenness, extreme hunger...) go to a place called Zee's.

            1. NOTL is basically one strip, with a few little offshoots of good food. A few good options to try, including two great ones mentioned above:

              - Stone Road Grill, don't think it is a mind blowing experience, but the food is good http://www.stoneroadgrille.com/
              - Angel's Inn, true pub food, great atmosphere with lots of history (and a ghost... oooooo....
              - Ristorante Giardino at the Gatehouse, Italian food, focus is on the ingredients, (though must be honest, sometimes the food is perfection, and sometimes its .... not.
              - Restaurant Tony Deluca at the Oban Inn, high end dining, can get to be expensive, but Tony is talented
              - Epicurean, right on the main strip, if you just want a sandwich (made to order) or other light fare

              And on your avoid list: Shaw Cafe (Overpriced, Awful).

              1. A nice non-chain option if you like Indian food is 'Passage To India' on Stanley Ave near the Doubletree Hotel. On weekends they have a 12 dollar buffet and the place is full of families having a night out. Very tasty and friendly, but a little overlit.

                1. You are getting some good suggestions, fact is that the most important thing is that in any tourist area avoid the food --- at the Rogers Dome, at the CNE, at Toronto Island, etc. etc. So, yes most probably if within minutes of the Falls, the main drag, do not dine!!! If anywhere close and desparate, a known fact is to ask for the regular, normal menu, not the one with tourist prices!!! I am not offering suggestions as I gravitate towards St. Catherines for several reasons!