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Feb 5, 2007 01:01 PM

5 Guys Famous Burgers & Fries - Schenectady (moved from Tristate)

I just read about a small chain that recently opened a few outposts in New York - 5 Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. Washingtonian Magazine rated them pretty highly in the past few years.
Anyone know if it's worth a detour - or at least a small route change?

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  1. I haven't eaten there, but friends have said the fries are excellent.

    1. The fries are definitely great. The burgers are probably the best I've had from a "chain" restaurant, even if it's a smaller chain. You can probably find better burgers at local non-chain joints, but 5 Guys are quite good. Definitely worth a side trip at least once.

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        Thanks any good burger places in schenectady? Any lunch places that are a "must"?

      2. They are a DC chain and since they've expanded their franchise they've been running into some bumps in service/quality. There are several threads on the DC board discussing this. One theory is that franchisees have to purchase five stores within a given area. Outlaying this much capital up front leaves some franchisees cash poor, hence the occasionally "skunky" meat, sloppy prep work, soggy fries, etc. I'd say give them a try. The problems we're experiencing here in DC may be just a local issue that hasn't affected other stores.

        FYI the bacon dogs are pretty consistent. And their fries are obscene: basically a 32 oz cup spilling over with another 20+ oz of fries in a greasy bag. Just make sure they're fresh.

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          I agree. I've only been to the 5 Guys in Alexandria, and based on that, I wouldn't recommend the place. The fries were soggy and the burgers were really greasy, sloppy, and generally not that great.

        2. I live near a Five Guys in DC and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My family of 5 can eat for about $20 ~ a large fries feeds all of us ! The hamburgers are delicious and come with your choice of a huge # of toppings. My only warning is to stay away if you are allregic to peanuts, they keep huge boxes of them around.

          1. There's a new Five Guys in Tampa. The fries are delicious, but the buns are too chewy. They'd be much better toasted, or if they used a different bun (more like In-n-Out's would be my preference).