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5 Guys Famous Burgers & Fries - Schenectady (moved from Tristate)

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I just read about a small chain that recently opened a few outposts in New York - 5 Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. Washingtonian Magazine rated them pretty highly in the past few years.
Anyone know if it's worth a detour - or at least a small route change?

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  1. I haven't eaten there, but friends have said the fries are excellent.

    1. The fries are definitely great. The burgers are probably the best I've had from a "chain" restaurant, even if it's a smaller chain. You can probably find better burgers at local non-chain joints, but 5 Guys are quite good. Definitely worth a side trip at least once.

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        Thanks any good burger places in schenectady? Any lunch places that are a "must"?

      2. They are a DC chain and since they've expanded their franchise they've been running into some bumps in service/quality. There are several threads on the DC board discussing this. One theory is that franchisees have to purchase five stores within a given area. Outlaying this much capital up front leaves some franchisees cash poor, hence the occasionally "skunky" meat, sloppy prep work, soggy fries, etc. I'd say give them a try. The problems we're experiencing here in DC may be just a local issue that hasn't affected other stores.

        FYI the bacon dogs are pretty consistent. And their fries are obscene: basically a 32 oz cup spilling over with another 20+ oz of fries in a greasy bag. Just make sure they're fresh.

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          I agree. I've only been to the 5 Guys in Alexandria, and based on that, I wouldn't recommend the place. The fries were soggy and the burgers were really greasy, sloppy, and generally not that great.

        2. I live near a Five Guys in DC and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My family of 5 can eat for about $20 ~ a large fries feeds all of us ! The hamburgers are delicious and come with your choice of a huge # of toppings. My only warning is to stay away if you are allregic to peanuts, they keep huge boxes of them around.

          1. There's a new Five Guys in Tampa. The fries are delicious, but the buns are too chewy. They'd be much better toasted, or if they used a different bun (more like In-n-Out's would be my preference).

            1. If you like mediocre hamburgers, pretty good fries, free peanuts, and no decor at all, you'll love Five Guys.

              Maybe that's harsh, but we've been with them since they first opened as just one store, and, since they're local folks, we wanted them to succeed. But, the food just gets worse and worse every time we go back there - we're loyal like that, and we keep thinking it'll get better.

              The hot dogs are good, though. I guess you just can't screw up a hot dog.

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                The purpose of franchising should be to provide a consistent product, not just to make money hand over fist. 5Gs has got to offer some of the wildest inconsistencies of any franchise I've ever been to. Go to any McDonalds anywhere on the planet and you'll get near identical, factory-formed slop. Most of it is nasty, but at least it's consistently nasty.

              2. I have eaten ate several in South Carolina and the food was great at all of them...worth the detour!

                1. I love Five Guys. There is one near my office (Richmond, VA) and it's consistent and the staff and food are both terrific.