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Feb 5, 2007 12:55 PM

Favorite Local Eats in Phoenix and Sedona?

Any recommendations?

Fast, cheap and frequented by locals is good.

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  1. Phoenix is a very large city -- nearly 500 square miles. Can you be more specific about what part of town you are interested in?

    1. I am there overnight for business. Something close to downtown and/or airport I suppose.

      1. That helps. For fast and cheap in that area, a favorite of this board is the Ranch Market at 16th. St. and Roosevelt. It's basically a huge hispanic supermarket with a food court, as well as an adjacent full-service restaurant.

        1. Agree with Silverbear - Phoenix is huge and thankfully in the past few years has really increased options for good food.

          One question to help narrow the focus - are you interested in places that you can only find in the region (like Mexican/Southwestern/Sonoran style) or are you more focused on whatever Phx locals enjoy but that you could technically find elsewhere (little pizza places, wine bars, Thai food, Vietnamese food, etc.)

          I think that will help us help you!

          1. Something regional would be great. Anything that would be indigenous to Phoenix.