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Favorite Local Eats in Phoenix and Sedona?

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Any recommendations?

Fast, cheap and frequented by locals is good.

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  1. Phoenix is a very large city -- nearly 500 square miles. Can you be more specific about what part of town you are interested in?

    1. I am there overnight for business. Something close to downtown and/or airport I suppose.

      1. That helps. For fast and cheap in that area, a favorite of this board is the Ranch Market at 16th. St. and Roosevelt. It's basically a huge hispanic supermarket with a food court, as well as an adjacent full-service restaurant.

        1. Agree with Silverbear - Phoenix is huge and thankfully in the past few years has really increased options for good food.

          One question to help narrow the focus - are you interested in places that you can only find in the region (like Mexican/Southwestern/Sonoran style) or are you more focused on whatever Phx locals enjoy but that you could technically find elsewhere (little pizza places, wine bars, Thai food, Vietnamese food, etc.)

          I think that will help us help you!

          1. Something regional would be great. Anything that would be indigenous to Phoenix.

            1. Using a broad interpretation of "indigenous," I would suggest the following two:

              Phoenix Ranch Market - Mexican - food court or full service restaurant experience. Grab some fresh tortillas coming off the conveyer belt before you leave.

              Indian Fry Bread House - Native American - Big fry bread covered with red or green chile or the dessert fry bread coated with honey, cinnamon and powdered sugar. Not for the weak at heart, but very good.

              Have fun in Phoenix!

              1. Agree with Seth on both.

                Also try Carolina's (12 Street and Mohave, just southeast of downtown Phoenix). Fast food Mexican with great house-made tortillas. The line at lunch (mostly locals) is 20-30 deep almost every day.

                Not sure how fast & cheap you are looking for (that can be relative), but Barrio Cafe is wonderful, as is Richardson's/Dick's Hideaway or Rokerij.

                While the menu is more classic American steakhouse than anything, Durant's is a local legend. The service and food are widely considered to be unbeatable.