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Feb 5, 2007 12:47 PM

Little Owl

Just got reservations for thursday night at little owl. Very excited. Any thoughts on what to get? and overall thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I went a couple weeks ago and had scallops, pork chop, and cod--all great. For dessert, apple crisp was good, if basic.

    1. the snapper and the brussel sprouts. Also for dessert, the rasperry donuts-simple and delicious!

      1. The meatball sliders are an absolute must.

        I've gotten the pork chop the last three times and continue to be delighted by it. Their whole fish is usually pretty good, too. Not a fan of the crispy chicken. I hear the steak is also excellent, but haven't tried it myself.

        I actually found the raspberry beignets to be just average, but the heaping portion of nutella provided for dipping makes them worthwhile.

        1. You must get the sliders!!

          1. Oh, can reservations be made for 2 now?

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              they were taking resies for 2 before (last summer)

              the sliders were touch dry for me but the pork chop and cod - delicious

              1. re: nnk

                They've always taken reservations for 2 as far as I know (I went last June). They're now also accepting reservations on Opentable.