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BBQ Brisket - Texas style (PHX)

As an ex-pat Texan, i've searched all over the Valley for some palatable brisket, and i've come to the conclusion that there just isn't any good smoked beef brisket that can pass even the most forgiving cravings. Maybe y'all have had better luck. Any recs?

Oh, and for the record, i think Honey Bears is a sin against the BBQ gods.

For those who have been in the CenTex area for BBQ, i'm looking for something along the lines of Salt Lick, Kruez, Rudy's, and County Line.


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  1. An expat as well, and i haven't found anything yet. Well, The BBQ co. satisfied a craving, but it wasn't the same. If you go, make sure you specify sauce on the side.

    1. You may have already scratched this from your list, but Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert does a nice sliced brisket. Pecan smoked which I personnaly like. Sauce can be optional. They also serve a chopped and very sauced brisket that I don't care for too much. But taste is personal ....


      1. i'm not a bbq expert, but have you tried big city bbq? i heard that was decent...

        1. I've posted it before: try the Rack Shack. It's a permanent trailer behind the Rhythm Room blues club on Indian School and 10th st. Great smokey flavor and fall-off-the-bone tender.

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            althought the "RACK shack" may have good bbq, I'm afraid it's not what the OP is looking for. "fall-off-the-bone tender" is a little odd for brisket... usually the butcher takes care of that.

          2. You might want to give El Paso Bar-B-Que Company a shot http://www.elpasobarbeque.com/locatio... It is a chain. It's not like you find at home or at a small bbq stand but, they do a fair job and they come from a place where people know what brisket is about.

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              my experience with them was that it was good, but not great, and expensive

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                Having lived in Austin 14 years, and having looked at El Paso Bar-B-Que Company menu, and having never eaten there... I would venture a guess that El Paso Bar-B-Que Company is not anything like Central TX BBQ. No Central TX BBQ place would offer Carolina style or St Luis Style. Do they just not have their own style? Sounds like a big box restraunt that applies lotsa sauce to mediocre "smoked" meat. But again, I've never stepped foot in the joint and unless someone here can convince me otherwise I probably will not.

              2. I have heard 'The Pitts Again' is worth a try. 5558 W. Bell Road

                He has won some bbq awards.
                Anyone been there?

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                  I tried The Pitts Again a couple of times. Restaurant was started by a multiple championship barbecuer who deserves lots of respect.
                  My opinion of the restaurant was that they had moved a little far into mass production.

                2. Try Hap's on 48th street and Washington. There is also a westside location.


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                    I respectfully disagree about Hap's. My trip there involved surly staff and inedible BBQ due to soot and/or ash that had been allowed to mix with the food. Perhaps is was a bad day for them, but the surly nature of the staff alone was enough to keep me from returning.

                    1. re: Seth Chadwick

                      I have been to Hap's on several occasions and never had an experience like that. The staff has always been friendly and I have never had any complaints about the food. I would hope that it just was an extremely bad day that you went.

                  2. How About Giving The Satelite "SALT LICK" at The RED ROCK Casino a try...... Everyone said the meats are Good But the Sides are a Different story.....

                    1. Sorry Just realized PHX is Phoenix..... DUH..... But when you're in Vegas Go to Red rock....

                      1. Skunk.....we do enjoy the smoked meat @ the Salt Lick when we are in Vegas!

                        1. Roger Wagner operates "Thee Pits Again" (not the). He competes on the BBQ circuit a few times a year, most recently at Lake Pleasant in November. When he compete his team is called "The Arizona Kid". He was the AZ state champion in 2003 at the "Balloons & BBQ" cookoff held at Tempe Town Lake. We finished 6th :-(

                          1. I'm reading, hoping to get some good recs. Really good TX brisket is hard to come by, or has been for me. BTW, Honey Bear's is Carolina-style B'BQ, with a Memphis-twist thrown in, and quite different from TX. I think that it is good and try to do them at least once per quarter, but then I love Carolina-style, both east & west in both North & South Carolina.

                            Good luck on the quest - hoping for some places that I have missed.


                            1. BBQ, like pizza, is one of those never ending arguments as to "who is best."

                              So here's the deal....

                              I'll offer my place for a gathering. I have a big smoker and a big BBQ. Would the PHX hounds be interested in a gathering to see what's the fuss about Memphis vs. TX, vs. KC vs SC, etc? Are the posters willing to whip up their fare for judgement? Would the rest be interested in sitting around and yapping about food?


                              1. I just tried Thee Pitt's Again and I will never go back. The only reason I went was because I was seduced by "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." An episode showed award wining sauce and ribs. However, although the sauce was great, the meats were only fair, indistinguishable - brisket & pork tasted the same with your eyes closed.

                                However, the real sin of this place was when I ordered mac and cheese as a side. I was told by the waiter that it was Kraft mac and cheese!! Are you kidding me?! Is that what an authentic BBQ place would serve?! Not me.

                                1. I'll have to second the opinion on Joe's in Gilbert. It's not TX, but I fear nothing here can match that. The brisket is good but not the super moist hard crust kind I love. Waldo's is another establishment that is not too bad. They have a few places around town.